The Future of TV is Here, and It’s IPTV!

Once a buzzword, IPTV, which beams video content over the internet, has become today’s viewing standard. Everyone’s jumping on board! But how do you stand out in this crowded space?

Elevate Your IPTV Game

To rise above the competition, you must offer content that’s interactive, personalized, live, on-demand, and of superb quality — accessible from any device. With Divitel, we promise to elevate your IPTV services to the next level. With 25+ years in video service delivery, our expertise spans the entire spectrum, from hybrid IPTV to OTT platforms.


Why choose Divitel?

Future-Proof Solutions

Is your IPTV lagging behind? We’ll revamp or replace it! After understanding your goals, we’ll tailor an IPTV solution just for you. And because we don’t play favorites with vendors or platforms, you get a solution optimized for efficiency and adaptability.

Stay Updated with Zero Effort

IPTV’s strength lies in its diverse content and unmatched features. But with ever-evolving tech, regular updates are crucial. With us, you won’t have to lift a finger. We handle your hardware and software updates, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of innovation.

Round-the-Clock Oversight

Our “Algorithm Factory” approach processes data, offering insights that refine your services. Combined with our Observability Services, we’re continually checking system performance, spotting opportunities, and pre-empting issues — all in real-time. Plus, our 24/7 remote engineering support ensures optimum IPTV service delivery.

Uncompromised Security

Sleep easy knowing Divitel operates under rigorous security protocols. We’re ISO 27001 certified, reflecting our commitment to top-notch data protection standards. Both our Algorithm Factory and Observability Services uphold this gold standard in information security.

Elevate Your IPTV. Dive Into the Future with Divitel.

IPTV Transformation for SETAR in Aruba

A high-speed internet infrastructure, enabling next-generation services with the focus on interactive TV for SETAR. Read all about our transformation success story.


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