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Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about the underlying technology, infrastructure and (operational) processes for your TV and Video services? Divitel Managed Services for Pay-TV Operators ensures that you get back to the business of running your business.

Service Features

Managed Services for Pay-TV Operators

By using the best and newest technologies, skilled engineers and an ever-growing knowledge base, we manage your video service. Ensuring you meet the high expectations of increasingly demanding end-users

On top of the video delivery landscape

The video delivery landscape is expanding rapidly. We have extensive knowledge of this video delivery ecosystem, the participating players and the ability to connect the different pieces in this puzzle. This enables a fast and efficient deployment

End-to-end and more specific solutions

Whether you are in need of an end-to-end solution or need help with selecting and deploying partial solutions, you can benefit from our scaling advantages, speeding up your time to market and reducing complexity

The complexity of TV operations

Evolving customer requirements and an increasingly competitive landscape often require you to support both linear TV as well as on-demand video on a wide range of devices with a growing assortment of additional functionality, like catch-up TV, advanced content recommendation and more. The video delivery systems necessary to enable all of this, are shockingly complex compared to video delivery technology used just a few decades ago. To add to the challenge, these systems require near-constant updates and upgrades to keep up with end-user requirements and vendor releases.

To ensure Quality of Service (QoS) for end-users and the ability to rapidly respond to business requirements, your Operations will need to perform a wide range of tasks and processes:

Managed Services un-burden your business

In today’s disrupted marketplace, the complexity of operating a competitive video delivery solution is unavoidable. The associated burden on your business – both through capital expenditure as well as through a possible loss of focus – isn’t. Through its Managed Services for Pay-TV Operators, Divitel remotely ensures availability, capacity, continuity and security for video and TV businesses around the globe. Our unrivaled knowledge of the many different puzzle-pieces that make up the video delivery landscape, allows us to manage highly complex IPTV-, OTT– and other video delivery solutions end-to-end, or focus our efforts on specific parts of your video delivery tech, like DRM or processing. In all cases, Divitel Managed Services increase stability, lower TCO and drive hyper-compressed innovation cycles that allow you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Advantages of Managed Services for Pay TV Operators

  • Gain the ability to focus on differentiating your business, while speeding up your time to market and reducing complexity
  • Streamlined delivery thanks to comprehensive operational support and advanced analytics related to user experience
  • When technology change inevitably occurs, required additional infrastructure investment is minimal
  • Lower TCO, lower capital outlay and predictable operating expenses
  • Reduce churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Over the years Divitel has managed video delivery solutions around the globe. With countless happy customers, we’d be happy to provide you with references relevant for your specific case.

“We’ve had over 20 years to perfect our systems integration processes and the quality of our deployments. We prioritize fitness for business purposes in all deliverables.”
Oscar de Boer
Divitel CIO

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