Adapt, change & deploy faster than ever before

If you are involved in the process of getting video content to all the different devices, you will probably recognize the following situation.

You and your team have spent a lot of time and energy into detecting the root cause of a certain service failure. After weeks of investigating you think that you have it. You contact the corresponding technology vendor and they inform you that it will probably take a view months for them to be able to have a fix available. They explain that any change will involve lots of edits in the data base and in their coding and also that they need to make sure that the change does not infringe on any future upgrades.

Meanwhile, your customers keep calling you about this failure. Your customer service people having to explain to them that they need to wait a couple of months. This will not help you increase customer satisfaction or decrease your churn rate and in today’s competitive landscape is simply unacceptable.

What are microservices?

One solution is to make your existing workflow more agile by applying microservices. Microservices pose a lot of benefits for teams working in an Agile environment. NetflixeBay, Twitter, PayPal, and Amazon are some of the companies who have already made the shift from a monolithic architecture to microservices.

As opposed to microservices, a monolithic app is built as a single sturdy unit, which makes making changes to the software a tiresome process. In a monolithic software, creating a tiny shift or a small change in a small part of the software might require you to launch an entirely new version of the software.

Scaling specific functions is also a lot of hard work in a monolithic application since you need to scale all parts of the software.

Microservices solve these issues by allowing developers to create applications that are as modular as they can get. Simply put, applications developed with microservices can be viewed as a suite of services rather than a solidified mesh of services. This is why we recommend tv and video services to think about applying microservices based tools and software in their video delivery ecosystem. This type of technology will be much faster in fixing failures and ensures a more efficient resource allocation. In addition, you will benefit from the cloud (security, elasticity, cost predictability and reliability)


The benefits

Become faster

Deliver first time right deployments and increase time to market.


Reduce stress

Empower your engineers, apply fixes fast and reduce event noise


Create a competitive edge

Increase customer satisfaction by being able to solve issues fast

How we help


Let us advise you and plan how to change technology workflows to adaptable, microservices based ones.


Let us deploy and or replace tools within your ecosystem with microservice based ones. We do it fast. We do it right.


Let us train your people on how to work the new architecture, changed processes and tools.

Are you ready to microservice your TV architecture?