Solid Partnerships for Technology Vendors

Technology Vendors who operate within the video domain have their work cut out for them. The challenge is to grow their business in a consolidating market and the trick is to do that without having to change existing operations and processes. If you are one of these, we have a proposition for you.


Grow your business

  • Have access to new, more complex customer segments;
  • Increase your geographical reach;
  • Broaden your product portfolio;
  • Let us deal with the complex end-to-end needs of customers;
  • Have access to other vendors to test and get your product ready to be considered.

Do all of that through fast and successful system integrations and managed operations, without having to change anything within your operation. And do it while improving your Time to New Revenue and creating new PMC’s as you go by mix and matching different technologies in our Testlab.

100% successful deployments

With over 20 years of video domain ​expertise we have a proven track record of succesful deployments.

Your data is safe

We are one of the firsts in our industry to have been accredited the ISO27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems, ensuring the most secure operations possible.

Financially strong

We are a financially strong company, backed by private equity (SmartFin Capital and Rabo Private Equity).

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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