Stop losing sleep over Replay TV

Video delivery professionals know the challenges that go along with the ReplayTV functionality all too well. It’s a complex workflow requiring many different technology components to work together in order to get it right. Load balancer, Middleware, Transcoder, Origin server, Storage, Video server, DRM… mistakes can happen anywhere in the journey. And they often do.

Investigating where the failure originated is an extremely time intensive challenge which is often based on guess work and gut feeling. Obviously, this keeps you in firefighting mode, preventing you from doing other things that are also important like deploying new features, functions or implementing other types of innovations.


Independent Replay TV Report

Let us look at your process and architecture, evaluate and advise on how you could improve your ReplayTV functionality so that you’re able to track every ReplayTV query on a client/service level. The resulting report will be based on the information gathered by our expert during half a day session with you and your people.

The report will contain:

  • Current workflows, topology and data sources.
  • Available tools, screens, data storage and processing infrastructure.
  • We’ll also execute a data audit and gap analysis.
  • We’ll evaluate technical implications and impacts.
  • We’ll suggest a high- level solution, architecture and
  • Formulate a possible project scope.

In other words, you will know where to start to improve this challenging video delivery process.


But that’s just the start…

Step 1

Replay TV Report

Step 2

Deployment Plan / Execution

And more...

Operational Services 

Step 2  –  Replay TV Deployment Plan / Execution

As a next step we could plan a possible project to improve this specific functionality:

  • Work out possible high-level timelines.
  • Clarify and modify the architecture blueprint.
  • Determine the integration points to existing data processing infrastructure.
  • Identify additional needs for vendors/technology, if any and advise on what technology best to apply.
  • Calculate estimated CAPEX cost, if applicable.
  • Calculate estimated OPEX costs, if applicable.
  • Estimate project timeline.
  • Determine in-house and external resources.


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Step 3  –  Replay TV Operations

We go as far as you want us to. We could deploy the solution or go even further and even train your people, so they’re able to manage the new architecture. We could also manage said architecture for you, temporarily as a starting point so your people can learn, or for a longer period of time with an SLA or As a Service. Our people are the best in our industry, work in accordance to ITL and ISO management procedures and will be continuously looking for ways to improve your ReplayTV service.


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Are you ready to take the first step?