Video Delivery Consultancy for Content Owners

Video delivery today, is nothing like it was just a few short years ago. Subscribers expect you to offer video content on a wide range of devices and to deliver a high Quality of Experience with a reliable Quality of Service. Our Video Delivery Consultancy services help you meet those expectations.


Consultancy services for content owners

As a content owner you have no idea of the technology aspects of OTT video. Why would you? You have much more important things to worry about in your day to day content creating business. You are thinking about content en content creation. Right? But what about other important matters like how to reach a wider audience, how to create a fan-centric quality of experience and how to create new revenue streams? These aspects are all strongly influenced by the technology behind it all and we know all about it. We can help you achieve all those things so you can reach your audiences independently, ensuring a fast time to market, with your content available Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.


Consultancy services for broadcasters

For decades broadcasters charged operators a programming fee, probably had some ad revenue and maybe even charged a subscription fee, but were always dependent on operators to get your content to the end-user. Today, the relationship between broadcaster and operator has fundamentally changed. More and more broadcasters are opening a direct channel to the end-user through OTT services that allow them to bring content to the end-user, as well as directly monetize those interactions. With this changing landscape, comes a new layer of complexity. Do you build and manage your own on-prem OTT solution or do you go to the cloud? Can you manage the day to day operations of your platform or should you work with a service provider? There are tons of choices to make, each of which can make – or break – your service. Divitel Video Delivery Consultancy for broadcasters helps you navigate this complexity.


Ensuring flawless, high quality video through excellent operations

Smartphones, tablets, consoles and more – How do you manage the ever-increasing complexity of video delivery? Our video delivery experts have consulted on video delivery projects around the globe, for operators, broadcasters and more. Make that experience work for you, by enlisting Divitel Video Delivery Consultancy services.

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