Widevine is Google’s DRM solution and the only way to securely and natively allow access to your content through the Chrome web-browser. As Chrome’s market-share is roughly 60% worldwide, Widevine DRM is a must if you want to enable browser-based playback. Additionally, Widevine is now integrated with devices like set top boxes, TV’s, Chromecast, Android TV and other hardware, as well as several OS like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows. As an experienced Certified Widevine Implementation Partner, Divitel can rapidly and securly perform Widevine installations in complex multi-DRM environments. Want to know more or would you like to receive a quote? Leave your email below or email us at marketing@divitel.com

What is Widevine DRM?

Widevine is a Google company that provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions for the secure delivery of digital content. Widevine’s DRM solution enables content owners, service providers and digital media providers to secure access to video and audio content. The technology is available on a range of platforms and services, which currently include:

  • Hardware like televisions, set-top boxes, blu-ray players, Chromecast, game consoles, Android TV devices;
  • Mobile platforms like Android and iOS;
  • Desktop OS like Apple Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows;
  • Chipset vendors like Actions Semiconductors, Broadcom, Conexant, Infineon, Intel, LGE, MediaTek, Nvidia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sunplus, Toshiba LSI and many more.

For use in browser other than Google’s Chrome, which has native support for the solution, the Widevine Media Optimizer plugin includes Widevine CDM or Content Decryption Module for access to secured content.

Today, Widevine DRM comes in two flavors: Widevine Modular and Widevine Classic. As support for the older Classic version has been on the decline for years, Divitel has specialized in integration services for Widevine Modular and has completed the necessary training and certification to be designated Certified Widevine Implementation Partner. As experienced system integrators for video delivery, we were one of the first 20 or so companies to receive this certification for Widevine Modular and have performed countless flawless integrations since.

Industry adopted DRM standards

Widevine DRM combines widely adopted industry standards in an effort to offer the best multiplatform content protection possible:

  • EME or Encrypted Media Extensions
    A W3C standard that uses common APIs to manage license key exchange and interact with DRM systems;
  • CENC or Common Encryption
    A series of standard key mapping and encryption mechanisms that allows the same file to be decrypted by different DRM systems;
  • DASH or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
    A standard that allows high quality media content to be streamed over the internet through the standard HTTP protocol.

Widevine DRM pricing

Besides being a well-support and effective DRM solution, Widevine DRM pricing is one of the driving forces behind its rapid adoption in the TV and video industry. After its acquisition by Google, the company decided to forgo license fees for the Widevine product. This means that, in essence, Widevine is a free DRM solution. Obviously this doesn’t take into account related costs like integration, maintenance or technical support, but in most cases it can be a very TCO friendly alternative to other DRM solutions on the market.

Installation and Integration

Divitel is a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner, well versed in VOD packaging and Widevine license servers, as well as Android and iOS application development. We’ve deployed Widevine DRM for operators, broadcasters and content creators to create robust content security systems that have served millions of end-users. Would you like to talk to one of our CWIP certified engineers about your requirements or directly receive a quote? Fill out the form on this page, drop us an email at marketing@divitel.com or reach out to your personal Divitel contact.

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