Alpha Networks’ tucano product manages content, subscribers and payments, enabling network and mobile operators as well as media companies to deliver any video content over OTT or hybrid networks on all devices. As a System Integrator Divitel can implement, integrate and support Alpha Networks middleware within complex video delivery systems. Want to know more or would you like to receive a quote? Leave a message on this page or email us at

Alpha Networks is a Belgium company founded in 2008. The company develops pay-TV technology with a focus on back-end software. Their back-end software platform connects content with subscribers. It distributes pay-TV content via any type of network. This enables operators, broadcasters and other content providers in increasing their video revenues. Alpha Networks their solution is being used on more than 1.6 million devices connected in over 30 countries.

Alpha Networks’ tucano back-end platform

The tucano solution is a hybrid back-end platform that manages content, subscribers and payments. Its modular structure allows to manage features such as live to VOD, nPVR, profiling and catch-up. It also provides an open architecture that enables UI implementations for an improved user experience. With the tucano solution you can deploy multiple instances on cloud, allowing to manage more brands and subscribers without hardware investments. It provides an open interface which includes an openAPI for fast front-end implementation and driver capability to speed-up 3rd party integration. It’s flexible build allows to mix OTT,  broadcast, IP or/and hybrid content using a convergent back-end. The single point of interaction for multiple DRM enables you to use the right DRM for the right device.

The Tucano software modules

Micro services available in tucano software, called modules, can be activated or deactivated according to any project needs. A new module can be activated without any new software build.

  • CMS: Manage any type of content coming from any sources.
  • Offer & Subscription: Monetize your content with flexible offers and promotions.
  • Customer Management: Manage your subscribers’ information all along their life-cycle.
  • Billing: Capable to manage prepaid, postpaid billing and payments for subscribers offers.
  • Device management: Manage the device activation and handle the incoming/outgoing packages.
  • Authentication: Custom SSO authentication to allow activation of SSO with SoME accounts.
  • Communication: Reach your subscribers through email, SMS, device notification.
  • Marketing: Easily create and drive campaigns through different channels.
  • Ticketing: Support your customers with complete issue tracking tool.
  • Analytics: Track and measure your customers’ equipment and their content consumption.
  • Recommendations: Connect your subscribers with the right content based on user behavior.

The Tucano software features

Because of its modular approach, tucano provides end-to-end features adapted to customer needs, all in one software solution.

  • Live: Manage any kind of linear content coming from any video streaming source and distributed to any networks.
  • EPG: Metadata aggregator tool allowing you to build a convergent and unified EPG, ingested from multiple providers.
  • VOD: Capability to ingest, configure and aggregate any kind of VOD content coming from any video streaming source.
  • nPVR: Store your subscriber video recordings in the cloud and allow recording of programs in the future as well in the past.
  • Catch UP: Keep your catch-up enabled programs available and replay them outside their broadcasting schedule during a pre-defined period.
  • E-commerce: Your subscribers have full control to manage their commercial offers with a complete self-care solution.

The Tucano software drivers

Pre-integrated with technologies that cover the whole pay-TV ecosystem, tucano easily integrates with new third party partner’s software, hardware and metadata. Without any software impact, just by developing drivers, such as VOD provider; Metadata; VOD workflow; CDN/Origin; DRM/CAS; Payment partners; Analytics; 3rd party CRM; Message exchange and Ad-advertising





You can read more about Alpha Networks on their website.

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Guillaume Devezeaux – Alpha Networks interview by Connected Media at NAB Show 2017

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