Ateme’s solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications. The company primarily targets bandwidth sensitive markets where its HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 technology, boasting impressive compression efficiency, ensures Quality of Experience for the end users, while reducing customer OPEX. At Divitel we’re able to seamlessly integrate Ateme’s technology into your video delivery infrastructure. Want to know more? Leave a message on this page or email us at

About Ateme

Ateme SA – who originally started as a design house for video compression – offers video delivery solutions to content and service providers in more than 60 countries. The company has a unique expertise in video compression, and is known for the Ateme Kyrion encoders, TITAN product-line and AMS unified network management system. An impressive line of clients – including Sky, NBC Sports, TalkTalk, Telekom Indonesia and more – attests to a product that is both well-known and well-respected.

Ateme TITAN video compression

Even though the Kyrion hardware encoding product is still quite popular, more and more operators are choosing to move all – or part – of their video delivery technology to the cloud or even localized IP driven environments. In this case, that would mean working with TITAN Live, a software compression solutions that works with Cable, DTH and OTT Live delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD content. This virtualized software is a pure CPU solution, which means it’s hardware agnostic and will run on any OS. As a complete distribution solution, it is an encoder, transcoder, multiplexer, statmux, packager and origin server.

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What can Divitel do for you?

At Divitel, we’re able to design, build and manage video delivery solutions featuring Ateme technology. As an experienced system integrator with unrivaled knowledge about the video delivery landscape, we have worked with all major video processing technology, including Ateme, but also competitors like Appear TV, Harmonic, Keepixo and V-Nova. As one of few truly independent system integrators and managed service providers for video delivery, we’re able to always find the best video processing technology for you specific usecase.

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