Bindinc. is one of the largest publishers of TV guides in the Netherlands. For decades, their program guides have been reaching millions of people every week, guiding them to the content they want to watch. The growing numbers of channels, on-demand services and overwhelming amount of new shows, make this challenge even bigger. Bindinc. collects and creates metadata from the entertainment industry. The company’s service supports both content owners and content publishers, and their needs for better metadata. With Bindinc.’s high-quality metadata services, they offer the foundation for companies in the video industry to create the best user-experience and helping viewers to discover and enjoy their favorite shows.

Bindinc. is a cooperation of three stakeholders AVROTROS, KRONCRV and Sanoma, and counts around 190 employees. The company is market leader in supplying and enriching online and offline program metadata and publisher of program guides / magazines for public broadcasters like AVROTROS, KRONCRV and several non-profit organizations as well as the largest online television program guide The full-service company focuses on all forms of use. From data-aggregation to complete TV guides. Analogue and digital, via print, online, mobile en connected TV.

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