RTSS is a developer of innovative real-time software solutions for the professional TV broadcast market. The company started in 2006 and developed a successful product range under the brand name DVBControl. RTSS/DVBControl.com analyzes and monitrices solutions for transmission and streaming infrastructures. The company provides more than a thousand installations, monitoring over 25 thousand services worldwide. The company also develops custom-made products for the broadcast industry, to meet the customers specific requirements and wishes.

DCBControl.com’s product range:

  • DVBAnalyzer: Analyzing all aspects of DVB/ATSC/ISDB Transport Streams.
  • DVBMosaic: Real-time Mosaic overview and monitoring.
  • DVBLoudness: Loudness measurements (ITU-R BS. 1770 and EBU R128) for multiple Audio Services.
  • DVBMonitor: Real-time monitoring of multiple transport streams.
  • DVBProcessor: Toolkit for generation and altering of multiple DVB streams.
  • IPProbe: Real-time IP network measurements

DVBControl.com is trademark of RTSS B.V.

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