Harmonic develops and deploys video delivery infrastructure solutions that cover a broad spectrum, production but also delivery and everything in between. They offer services throughout the whole supply chain infrastructure. As a System Integrator Divitel can implement, integrate and support Harmonic solutions within complex video delivery systems. Want to know more or would you like to receive a quote? Leave a message on this page or email us at marketing@divitel.com

Who is Harmonic?

Harmonic develops video solutions for all sorts of markets in the video delivery landscape, like OTT, Telco/IPTV, terrestrial broadcast, cable, satellite and content programmers. Providing them with Cloud-Native, Software-Based CCAP, UHD/HDR and Virtual Reality technologies. They offer a variety of products which include encoding, transcoding & multiplexing; playout & storage; contribution & distribution; multiscreen delivery; cloud media processing and cable edge delivery. Harmonic products and services are being deployed all over the world.

Harmonic video delivery solutions

HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) compression of Ultra HD video

Harmonic offers Ultra HD encoding and delivery with HDR solutions for live, VOD and linear applications. Their UHD HDR solution covers the broadcast chain, including file ingest, collaborative post production, encoding, high-speed transcoding, time-shifted TV and transport stream playout. It enables you to migrate from file-based VOD streaming of UHD assets to live UHD adaptive bitrate streaming, then add linear broadcast UHD capabilities, complete with logo and digital program insertion, full automation and channel redundancy. The Harmonic UHD workflow applications include encoding, contribution encoding, playout, transcoding and streaming.

Cloud media processing for over-the-top (OTT) video delivery

Unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest through delivery, Harmonic cloud technology allows content creators and pay-TV operators to launch new video channels fast, and to run simple, lean operations. The VOS Cloud and VOS 360 software can be installed on any hardware platform, or as part of a cloud deployment environment. The benefits of using VOS Cloud and Vos 360 are efficient workflows, business agility, operational simplicity, increased flexibility and smart economics.

OTT content delivery

Viewers want to watch video anywhere at any time and a high-quality viewing experience. Harmonic develops solutions that can be used to provide that experience across any IP network. From live streaming to video on demand.

Harmonic ABR multiscreen solutions, like the H.264 video codec technology, provide video content providers with the tools that enable them to offer high-quality live and VOD content on devices like smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Their solutions cover the complete video processing chain and the industry’s most popular internet and mobile formats for OTT services. Harmonic’s OTT services include video on demand, live streaming, cloud, time-shift TV, Ad insertion & blackout management and video compression optimization.

Simplified video, voice and data delivery via Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) systems

Services like OTT streaming, video on demand, time-shift TV and cloud DVR are essential nowadays. They come with high costs for basics such as power and cooling. Harmonic’s CableOS Software-based Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) is an end-to-end cable access solution which can help you save some of these costs. CableOS makes it possible to migration to multi-gigabit broadband capacity and enables the deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 data, video and voice services. It’s a solution that resolves space and power constraints in the headend and hub, solves the need for hardware upgrade cycles and lowers TCO. The advantages of using a software-based CCAP like CableOS: it provides more capacity but takes less space;  great agility for improved feature velocity; an end-to-end remote PHY solution.

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You can read more about Harmonic on their website.

What can Divitel do for you?

As a leading system integrator for video delivery, Divitel has deployed Harmonic solutions in highly complex video delivery solutions. Our experience and expertise allows operators to fully benefit from the features and functionalities provided by Harmonic. Would you like to talk to one of our engineers about your requirements or simply chat about the pros and cons of Harmonic’s solutions? Fill out the form on this page, drop us an email at marketing@divitel.com or reach out to your personal Divitel contact.

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