Verimatrix is specialized in security solutions for connected video systems. Their services provide rights management for a variety of video delivery networks all over the world. One of the solutions they offer is their Verimatrix VCAS (Video Content Authority System). As a System Integrator Divitel can implement, integrate and support Verimatrix solutions within complex video delivery systems. Want to know more or would you like to receive a quote? Leave a message on this page or email us at

Verimatrix and the VCAS family

Verimatrix provides security services for video services around the world. With their services they cover over 113 countries, 891 operators and 185 million devices. The company is most know for their Verimatrix VCAS (Video Content Authority System). The Verimatrix VCAS solution consists of a range of services which provide a security platform for OTT, broadcast and hybrid video services. The VCAS platform comes with one general design which can be extended by adding modular extensions, providing content security across multiple networks and devices. VCAS solutions are compatible with all video and DRM formats.

Verimatrix VCAS and other video security solutions


VCAS Ultra is the most recent VCAS solution. It is an end-to-end solution that offers video service revenue security for multiple networks like broadcast, hybrid, OTT, and multi-DRM video providers and a a variety of devices.

VCAS Ultra features:

  • Secure execution environment: leverages software hardening techniques and trusted code execution resources.
  • Hardware credentials: strengthens client authentication integrity with fixed identifiers and keys.
  • Forensic watermarking: extends the revenue security perimeter to the display device and beyond by enabling content tracking, capture, and redistribution.


VCAS for Broadcast-Hybrid helps operators in transitioning from a broadcast network to a comprehensive, IP-centric, multi-network service, which is the future of pay-TV revenue security. This solution combines security technology with intuitive user interfaces. It also provides a single source for rights management across multicast linear, RF linear and streamed on-demand content.


VCAS for DVB-Hybrid provides operators with a modern, cost-effective broadcast video system solution that secures their video content. It features an integrated extension that provides protection for multi-device streaming. VCAS for DVB-Hybrid is suitable for current DVB standards and pre-integrated with multiple head-end and software systems.


Interruptions or delays in video streaming is quite a frustration for viewers, obviously one that operators would want to avoid. Verimatrix offers a MultiRights OTT solution that enables operators to give their viewers a smooth viewing experience by using cross DRM domain management that protects operators’s valuable services. MultiRights OTT manages different DRM implementations across Smooth Streaming, HLS and MPEG-DASH video content formats.


The Verspective Intelligence Center is a cloud-based security platform. It is a globally interconnected resource that enables the optimization of VCAS.  The platform also provides data collection services that enrich the analysis and visualization tools which can be used for Verspective monitoring and Verspective analytics services.

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