Zappware develops UI and backend solutions for digital TV providers. They offer state of the art User Interface design and -software, as well as back-office services that enable service providers to present the desired viewer experience. Their solutions are suitable for digital TV on all sorts of networks, devices and screens. As a System Integrator Divitel can implement, integrate and support Zappware middleware within complex video delivery systems. Want to know more or would you like to receive a quote? Leave a message on this page or email us at

Who is Zappware?

Zappware is a Belgian company, founded in 2001. They integrate their digital TV services all over the world, working with Broadcasters, OTT services, Telecom and Cable Operators: Companies who are looking to offer a unique, intuitive and personalized video experience for their customers. Zappware UI and backend solution are used in different types of digital network, like OTT, IPTV, DVB, as well as hybrid ones and offers services like VOD, pause live TV, restart TV, local/cloud recording and catch-up TV. Their platform is compatible with a variety of devices, like connected TVs, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and PCs. Zappware’s customizable UI solutions have been deployed on millions of devices globally. Zappware UI and backend solutions come with a service management system, allowing clients to manage and monitor the service. Zappware’s monitoring tools don’t just assure QoS (quality of service), but are also aimed at enabling additional monetization and retention of end-users.

Monitoring as a revenue generator through Zappware middleware

Zappware designs and developers solutions that enable clients to increase customer lifetime value. To make this possible, the company uses cutting-edge technology and creativity, resulting in a popular digital TV solution. Zappware facilitates the operator, by offering insightful usage analytics, as well as viewers, by offering an intuitive and personalized user interface. In doing so, they enable clients to turn their viewers into consumers. They do that by providing a personalized profiling service. The suggestions the viewer gets, based on analyses of their (content) usage, can be accompanied by targeted marketing campaigns, for example upselling, or perhaps loyalty triggers.

Zappware middleware

You can read more about Zappware on their website.

What can Divitel do for you?

As a leading system integrator for video delivery, Divitel has deployed Zappware middleware in highly complex video delivery solutions. Our experience and expertise allows operators to fully benefit from the features and functionalities provided by Zappware UI and backend systems. Would you like to talk to one of our engineers about your requirements or simply chat about the pros and cons of Zappware’s solutions? Fill out the form on this page, drop us an email at or reach out to your personal Divitel contact.

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