WiFi 5 – Extenders

Constant data delivery optimization in the home

  • Ultra-reliability, unprecedented high speed for real-time video and data transmission in the home.
  • The mesh topology significantly extends coverage while also increasing the capacity that can be delivered to all devices in the home.
  • Client Steering technology calculates end-to-end throughput for all potential client-AP associations and decides the best AP for each client.
  • Factory pre-paired packs require no configuration. As soon as cables are plugged in, installation is done.
  • If an AP is powered down or a link is not usable for any reason, packets will be re-routed through alternative paths immediately so that connections are never lost.
  • Advanced QoS packet classification technologies enable latency-sensitive traffic such as multicast IPTV streams and data traffic over the same Wi-Fi network throughout the house.

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What Divitel can do for you

  • Answer your questions around the economics of the WiFi issue and help you build your business case.
  • Integrate the software and hardware in your technical environments, providing end-to-end awareness from content acquisition to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and everything in between.
  • Embed the solution into your organizational processes, including customer care and engineering.

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