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M:tel wanted to go from live linear TV to full IPTV/OTT with Apps, allowing for new functionalities like NPVR, Catchup TV, Pause/Live and VOD on any device. Maintaining legacy STBs for live TV support and adding STBs for new premium services.

What did we do?

In order to get this done, new components were selected including middleware, CDN, STB, CAS/DRM, etc. Unexpectedly, we had to change the plans and find an alternative middleware component that would work well with the other already selected components.

Here is a high level overview of our activities:


Step 1

Design and vendor selection

Step 2

Work packages and setting up project planning, vendor coordination

Step 3

Manual testing, vendor coordination and issue solving

Step 4

Deployment (live), site acceptance tests, guidance during beta testing

Step 5

Embedding in engineering teams and full documentation incl. operational manuals

Why Divitel system integrations?


Fast time to market. Successful deployments. Satisfied viewers.

These are the most important things you are looking for when selecting a system integration partner for your video distribution platform.  Most importantly, integration is the basis for smooth running platforms and if done right, it prevents a lot of unnecessary hassle. Not only during integration, but especially during day-to-day maintenance.
Our system integration services ensure all of this and more.

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