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At Divitel, we value knowledge above all else. We have spent over 20 years learning (almost) all there is to know about video delivery technology. First solely as an independent video systems integrator, now also as a provider of managed services, strategic advice and impactful innovations like our Intelligent Analytics Solution.

Our philosophy has always been that learning together is better, so sharing knowledge is one of our guiding principles. Our Video Delivery Landscape poster, listing a good portion of video delivery technology available in the market, is just one example of that philosophy in action. Other examples would be our TV Navigator and Media Data Navigator tool or our recurring series of complimentary workshops, to be found at video industry events around the globe.



Video Delivery Landscape

An overview of 200+ video delivery technology companies, brands and products
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TV Navigator

Asses strategic alignment of projects, plans and ambition with strategic business priorities
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Media Data Navigator

A comprehensive framework to fully align your data strategy with your business objectives
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Proof of Value

Together, through a Proof of Value, we can explore and start to solve any video delivery problem through the power of data.
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We are here to help you take your first or next step in your journey towards unlocking value from our video delivery.
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