About us

Your partner for all things video distribution

From our headquarters in the Netherlands we remotely manage video distribution ecosystems for operators, telcos, internet service providers and broadcasters all over the world.

We also know how to design, build and/or optimize any digital video service.

And these are the only things that we do. This has our full focus and we leverage from our knowledge gained from all the different services that we manage, so that all our customers benefit.

More importantly, we are independent. Which gives you the freedom to pick and choose from different technologies, whenever you want, without getting locked-in.

Because of our unique combination of people, processes and technology, we have recently been appointed Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum.


Unique and Proven Approach

  • Highly skilled team with +20 years of video domain expertise
  • Available to augment your team(s) during migration or any other dynamic periods
  • Qualified IT Ops teams, your partner for excellent operations in the Media and Entertainment market
  • Mastering proven industry standards like  ITILv4 and ISO 20000
  • In control of operations management processes and procedures
  • Highly adaptable to your specific needs and standards
  • Independent. Always the right fit for you
  • 360-Degrees, data-driven approach
  • Flexible and future proof
  • Supervised ML, Explainable AI, Block Chain and Deep Learning

Our Impact

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterized by the fusion of the digital, biological and physical worlds, as well as the growing utilization of technology advances, is fundamentally changing the way we live and the way many industries operate around the globe. Our unique approach to video delivery is shaping this transition and revolutionizing the world of media and entertainment. Not only do we enable our customers meet the changing demands of viewers. We also have a positive effect on the way people in the media and entertainment industry work, how and what people watch (content diversity) and on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We also help increase trust between players and have significant impact on the local and global media supply chain.​

Our goal is to help people thrive by enabling them to constantly change, making video delivery faster, better and easier.

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Our Roadmap

Towards autonomous video and TV services

Divitel Roadmap

At Divitel our goal is to make every aspect of bringing video to the screens better, easier and faster. This goes for our quality troubleshooting, our system integration and our operational services.

With regards to operations, we have developed a SaaS platform that we call the Divitel Quantum Platform. It can be deployed on top of existing ecosystems and helps engineers with their day-to -day maintenance work. We are constantly improving our platform, the above figure shows the different stages of our roadmap.

The most current operational version of our platform is called Quantum Neo – It visualizes insights and provides a real-time overview of the ecosystems health status. It’s dashboards alert our engineers in case of any failure and point out the possible cause. This way, our operational services become bionic – our engineering is supported by technology.

In the upcoming years we will be increasingly adding more human insights, making it more intelligent by applying automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence in our efforts to create, predictive, fully autonomous operations.


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It all started back in 1996…

 … when a Dutch digital video broadcasting and telecommunications company called Divitel was formed. It was the same year the internet emerged. Internet was in its infancy at that time, but soon became booming business. Several other companies doing digital video were founded in the same years, but thanks to the strong pioneering spirit of Divitel and its team, this company was the only -on digital video focused- corporation that survived the huge internet crash in 2003.

It took a lot of study with scientists and other specialists, but being the first company to realise a digital video connection was of course a very special and undertaking process! Divitel focused on the professional broadcast industry in the Netherlands at first, but shortly after the start foreign companies relied on the capabilities of Divitel as well.

At Divitel, we believe in “changing to stay the same” and in over the last twenty years, there have been many changes, milestones and achievements indeed. In this overview you will find the most important ones, that have shaped who we are today. 


Divitel was founded
We were one of the few that believed that digital tv would be the future.


Kurdistan TV
Approached by British Telecom for the delivery of an analogue/digital MPEG2 mobile uplink station.


Build of the very first ever G.703 media gateway connection.


Big Brother
Realized the worlds 1st interactive video connection, making it possible for viewers to manage the cameras in the different rooms.


The 1st video over IP connection (from Budapest to Amsterdam)


Mediapark Hilversum
Build of the media gateway on the Mediapark in Hilversum


Optimized distribution of UPC content throughout Europe through the creation of a Headend in the sky.


Deployment of OTT Windows Media WebTV player. Ten Dutch TV channels could be seen on different mobile devices.


Deployment of an IPTV, multiscreen OTT platform.


Renovation of the existing platform and migration to MMDS. Analogue to digital without interrupting the MMDS system.


DVB Headend, OTT Streaming, control room monitoring systems.


Design, build and support of a multiscreen distribution of unicast streams for PC. And a streaming platform for the iPad Ziggo TV app.


SBS the broadcasting group
The fist HbbTV playout system to go live in the Netherlands.


FD Gazellen awards
This was the first time that Divitel won the title of one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We won this award for 5 consecutive years on 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Migration from middleware including OTT and APP strategy via Motorola.


Ericsson Channel Partner Award
Ericsson award for growth in Ericsson sales in 2013.


Arris Innovation Award
Divitel won the ward for most innovative system integrator for the 2013 M:TEL project.


Deployment of DVB-C, IPTV, multi-format, multi-DRM, OTT platform.


DVB-T2 platform deployment.


EMD platform - hardware and software


Dutch Innovation Top 100
This is the first time that we were appointed one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. We won this award not only in 2014, but also in 2017, 2019 and 2020.


The Divitel Video Delivery Landscape
This was the first release of our very popular overview of market technology players in the video distribution realm.


Pre-study for a more scalable TV platform for EurAsia.


Integration of a multi-vendor DVB-C, IPTV and OTT platform, shared by 25 partner networks. After launch; proactive Monitoring and QoS assurance.

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Opening of the Divitel Operating Center
For remote management of our customers' daily video distribution operations.

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The Divitel Application Lifecycle Management Lab
For full video delivery ecosystem testing and workflow automation. The lab was created to assist clients in speeding up time-to-market for their TV and video applications, while ensuring quality of service on an increasingly wide range of end-user devices.

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CANTO membership
Divitel becomes member of CANTO (Caribbean Telecommunications community).


Divitel Quantum Platform
Release of the first phase of our legacy independent SaaS solution to manage video distribution at Quickline.

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IND recognized referee
Divitel has been included in the public register of IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) recognized referees. Divitel can now apply for residency permits with the purpose of hiring employees from countries outside Europe.

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ISO27001 certification
Guaranteed data security through Divitel accreditation of ISO27001 Information Security Standard.

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NLConnect membership
NLconnect is a trade organization that connects the chain of companies that build and operate broadband networks as well as companies that provide services over this high-quality digital infrastructure.

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Deployment of a combined cloud and on-premise setup for full IPTV/OTT and improved Wi-Fi platform.

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Divitel Operating Center Expansion
Increased capacity of the Divitel Operating Center for remote management of our customers' video delivery.

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First release of the Divitel Quantum Platform
First release of our unique 360-dregrees, data-driven monitoring approach. We have named this release NEO.

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Go Malta
Happy consumers and lower costs through the fast deployment of Managed Mesh WiFi.

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World Economic Forum Global Innovators
The Global Innovators Community is an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. Divitel is proud to have been appointed as one of these prestigious innovators.

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NL AI Coalition membership
The NL AIC is a public-private partnership in which the government, the business sector, educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organizations collaborate to accelerate and connect AI developments and initiatives.

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Start of Divitel Blockchain project
Divitel joins forces with Ledger Leopard to implement block chain technology to Divitel's managed video distribution operational processes.

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Divitel helped solve many recurring digital video quality issues and reduce the number of customer care calls significantly.

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The Divitel Video Delivery Landscape
The Video Delivery Landscape 2021 reaches 100K+ views.

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A great in-home WiFi experience for Kabelnoord customers.

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DTVE Advanced TV Innovation
Divitel for The Divitel Quantum Platform has won Advanced TV Innovation of the Year.