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Making Hyper Quality of Experience Effortless


We understand that to achieve a high Quality of Experience (QoE), prioritizing performance quality is essential. Even the most compelling content cannot compensate for a platform that fails to function properly, leading subscribers to leave.

But how do we efficiently and effectively manage this performance quality? Enter the Divitel Algorithm Factory.

Our innovative and proven method ensures the rapid detection of technological errors, swift and precise resolutions, and guarantees that TV platforms perform optimally. With all technology components working seamlessly together, we elevate subscriber satisfaction, NPS scores, and operational margins, thereby ensuring a superior QoE.


Divitel Algorithm Factory

Everything we do…

is powered by our algorithm factory

Our algorithm factory is a systematic and scalable methodology for creating, managing, and refining algorithms that drive advancements in video delivery and network optimization. All of our services are powered by our factory.

Our factory’s products

Our algorithms empower us, along with our operator customers and technology vendor partners, to deliver an enhanced Quality of Experience and Quality of Service, all while improving operational margins and NPS scores.

Here are some of (but not all of) our amazing achievements:


Accelerated Incident Resolution


Streamlined Change Management


Efficient Operations
Happy Viewers


Hyper Quality of Experience

Our factory is an expression of who we are

Our values

We care.

Our mission

To facilitate the world’s growing need for efficient hyper Quality of Experience (QoE) through effortless video delivery and network performance.

Our vision

To be the world’s most loved partner for mission-critical intelligent operations.

Our factory’s assets

Similar to a physical factory, we transform specific assets into the final product – impactful algorithms for service optimization and QoE maximization.

The key assets that hold utmost importance for us include:


Our factory utilizes vast amounts of data on video delivery, streaming, and network performance.


Our knowledgeable team, analyzes interoperability, identifies root causes of technical errors, and fixes and prevents errors from recurring.


We employ Agile, Scrum, and ITIL v4 methodologies for flexible and reliable service delivery, while maintaining strict security protocols.


We foster collaborations with strategic technology partners, amplifying the overall impact we make in the landscape.

We are Bionic

Our organization structure integrates human capabilities with digital technology and artificial intelligence to create a more adaptive, responsive, and efficient operation.

In this bionic organization structure, our Algorithm Factory plays a crucial role, developing, refining, and deploying algorithms that automate TV platform maintenance and launch processes and enhancing decision-making.

Key elements of our bionic organization:

  • Customer-Centricity: Uses technology for personalized experiences, anticipating customer needs.
  • Integration of Human and Machine: Combines human ingenuity with digital efficiency.
  • Data-Driven: Big data and analytics guide decisions.
  • Agility and Adaptability: Quickly adjusts to market changes using digital agility.
  • Innovation-Focused: Promotes a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement.
  • Digital Ecosystems: Engages in collaborative networks for broader capability and market access.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: Technology drives economic, social, and environmental progress.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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