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Faster, Better and Easier Video Services

Since our inception in 1996, our goal has always been to boldly go where no video has gone before.

Over 20 years ago we were convinced that digital TV was the future. Nobody believed us, but our pioneering spirit and perseverance paid off. In fact, Divitel was one of the few companies surviving the huge internet crash in 2003.

Today, we keep driving towards change and innovation.

Our next goal – to show how Automation and Artificial intelligence can enable video and TV services to remain flexible and constantly change and improve.

Your partner for all things video

We offer consultancy, deployments, operational services and solutions. We are your ideal partner for all things related to video delivery.

Why? Because we are a video service! From our headquarters in the Netherlands we remotely manage video and TV services for operators, telcos, internet service providers and broadcasters all over the world.

We know how to build or optimize a service.

We know how to operate it.

And these are the only things that we do. This has our full focus and we leverage from our knowledge gained from all the different services that we manage, so that all our customers benefit.

More importantly, we are independent. Which gives you the freedom to pick and choose from different technologies, whenever you want, without getting locked-in.

Our Belief

We believe that Change is the law of nature and the only constant thing in the universe. The only thing that you can truly control is your ability to accept change. In order to grow and be successful, one must be able to change constantly.

Our Purpose

That is why we have made it our purpose to revolutionize the world of media and entertainment to meet the growing and changing demands of people.

Our Actions

We do that by working towards the creation of autonomous, constantly improving video services by applying a 360-degree, data-driven insights strategy, CI/CD processes, micro services-based cloud technology and artificial intelligence.

Our roadmap – Towards autonomous video and TV services

This is our current roadmap. And we are already half way there.

Our journey started with data a couple of years ago. Today, everything we do is data driven. Data is the most important thing you need in order to improve any process. Video delivery processes are no exception. No Data, no Quality.

Our consultancy services are driven by data. Our deployments are driven by data. Our operational services and solutions are driven by data.

We collect it. We analyse it. We manage it. Or enable you to.

And because we work data, we are able to apply the latest technologies like machine learning and automation, artificial intelligence and cloud technology.

Our goal? In a not so distant future (years, not decades) we plan to be the first one to launch a fully autonomous, self-healing, self-optimizing video service.


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World Economic Forum

Being part of the World Economic Forum (the int. organisation for public-private cooperation) means that we can work together with other organizations in helping shape the development and application of emerging tech, for the benefit of humanity.


Divitel is dedicated to keeping our knowledge up-to-date in this ever-changing technology landscape. That’s why we are a member of the SCTE – Society of Broadband Professionals.


To support innovation, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and best practices for the TV proposition, Divitel is a member of the Dutch broadband industry organization NLconnect.

The Divitel Advisory Board

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