Discover the different ways we make video distribution effortless for you

We have spent over 25 years learning  all there is to know about video delivery. Our services provide execution power to help pay tv operators realize their video distribution ambitions.

Whatever your goal is, with our expertise our people can help. Here are a few examples:


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We can help you identify shortcomings of your current IPTV/OTT/hybrid video distribution platform and provide recommendations on how to improve it’s performance.


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Delight your subscribers by allowing us to help you solve your most impactful digital video service quality issues in less than 3 months.


System Integration

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After we have helped you stabilize your service, you can go even further, finding new ways to delight your subscribers.

For that purpose we can optimize or add new features and functions to your platform.

Service Management

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Maximize your competitive edge with an approach that reduces tickets and churn, decreases overhead costs and increases subscriptions. Unlock the funds needed to fuel innovation and gain an advantage in the increasingly crowded market.

Observability Service

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Switch to observability to proactively detect and address issues before they impact end users.

Combine and analyze datasets, identify dependencies, and prevent problems from festering.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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