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We have spent over 20 years learning (almost) all there is to know about video delivery technology. First solely as an independent video systems integrator, now also as a provider of managed services, strategic advice and impactful innovations like our Intelligent Analytics Solution.

Divitel offers strategy, technology and services partnerships driven by the data insights needed to ensure flawless video operations. We design, build and maintain video services for operators, service providers and content owners worldwide.




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With independent expertise, we advise on the business case and scope out the right solution and/or needed infrastructure to help you transform or optimize your video and TV service.


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Let us build, optimize or add new features and functions to your video service. We do it right. We do it fast. We do it independently. You benefit from day one.


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Improve your video service’s QoS and QoE and reduce customer churn with the ability to solve critical issues fast and accurately through the power of data and automation.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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Being part of the World Economic Forum (the int. organisation for public-private cooperation) means that we can work together with other organizations in helping shape the development and application of emerging tech, for the benefit of humanity.


Divitel is dedicated to keeping our knowledge up-to-date is this ever-changing technology landscape. That’s why we are a member of the SCTE – Society of Broadband Professionals.


To support innovation, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and best practices for the TV proposition, Divitel is a member of the Dutch broadband industry organization NLconnect.