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When your video service fails (black screens, audio glitches, freezing and such) you need to be able to execute fast root cause analysis and determine the required actions even faster. What has this to do with data? The fact that video services today generate vast amounts of it from different silos. And you can not detect failures if you are not able to deal with data efficiently.

This means that the competitive advantages that can be achieved through data insights processed through Ai and ML are massive. If you recognize this and succeed in aligning your strategy, operations and processes, you will have the key to a winning strategy within your market.


The complexity of dealing with data

But how do you deal with data when you don’t even know what type of data you should be looking for? Which data offers the relevant information? Is it accurate? This analysis costs time and manual labor, time that your people could be spending on other important matters. In addition, this data retrieved from separate silos is rarely correlated in real-time, and only manually done, if ever.

An additional complexity is that as already mentioned, in order to manage the performance of your service, you need holistic data. But how do you manage that when no one person within your organization is responsible for the whole service? Or, what happens when for example in case of pure OTT services, there is no one available who understands the technology behind it?

How do you deal with this? You don’t. You partner with us.

We design, build and maintain, excellent data-driven video services

Through our ISO27001 certification, we ensure that your data is safe at all times.


Our data-insights driven offerings

Independent system integration and customized solutions

Whatever your challenge is, we will consider every possible technology to deliver you the best possible solution and avoid vendor lock-in. We can assemble a solution specifically for you from scratch or we help you with one of our several customizable solutions: Whether that’s offering flawless video through OTT, increasing your control of the in-home WiFi situation, making your operation more efficient through data analytics and artificial intelligence, ensuring user retention through an IPTV platform, or adding TV everywhere capabilities through a multiscreen solution.

Future-proof consultancy

How do you determine the best strategy for your business and your processes when you lack technical knowledge about this complexity? How do you organize your process so that you have insights into your performance and the ability to detect failures when they happen? How do you determine the right path so that you are able to do more with the limited resources that you have? With our consultancy services we guide you through all of this complexity so that you can grow your business with the leanest possible operations.

AI-powered managed operations

Get back to your core business and level the playing field. Optimize your performance and predict spending. At Divitel, our managed services are more than a service level agreement with the corresponding billing. At our Operating Center we manage your operation through data and KPI’s and when there is a problem we fix it. It’s that simple.

Transition into a data-driven organization

Are you struggling with how to successfully transition into a data-driven organization? You don’t know what your specific data related needs are? Download our Media Data Navigator. It will provide you with a framework to help you align your data strategy to your business objectives.

Divitel's Media Data Navigator 2019

Download our Media Data Navigator


Divitel – Our industry’s best kept secret

Over the years Divitel has worked for customers around the globe. Partnering with us is often a strategic decision and our customers all sign an NDA. With dozens of happy customers, we’d be happy to provide you with examples of successful deployments relevant for your specific case.

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