Private Equity Investment

SmartFin Capital

SmartFin Capital is an anti-cyclical and long-term oriented investment vehicle managed by a strong team that combines financial, operational and entrepreneurial experience supporting its portfolio companies in their growth ambitions. SmartFin Capital provides replacement and expansion capital to European companies that display the potential for significant value creation in fast growing market segments.

SmartFin Capital believes in building and growing successful companies rather than setting up financially engineered transactions. They also look for opportunities where other investors hesitate to go, refusing pigeonholing that would limit our flexibility.

Smartfin Capital

Rabo Corporate Investments

Rabo Corporate Investments (before: Rabo Private Equity) is a well known shareholder/partner in Dutch companies within a wide variety of sectors. Rabo Participations is the internal investment group of Rabo Corporate Investments and has a fund size of 200 million Euro. They have a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of (investment) professionals to help with strategic choices and support in the complete process. The central part of their collaborations is the long term relationship with the customer. They not only support the company with money but also operate as a dedicated partner.

Rabobank Corporate Investments