The case

Fugro, one of the leading survey and geotechnical services integrators in the world, was aiming to upgrade their onboard entertainment on their vessel Bucentaur. The Bucentaur is one of the biggest ships the company owns and operates for Fugro Norway. It is used for the exploration of natural resources on the North Sea. The hard working 50 man crew already had the possibility to watch live TV on board but the channel line up was limited.Fugro asked Divitel to design a solution for upgrading the entertainment package. Besides other activities, entertainment on the ship is essential for the wellbeing of the crew. Considering the above and the fact that the ship is at sea most of the time one of the key criteria for Fugro is to have a system that is always up and running with minimum downtime and minimum of maintenance efforts.

Fugro | Divitel

The challenge

The current setup was a diverged decoder setup, based on satellite reception and coax (DVB-C) distribution on the boat. One of the biggest challenges for the new solution was the limited space available for the platform and possible expansion in the future. Besides that, the ship needs to be in operation whole year round and is continuously operating on different locations around the world.

The solution

Divitel built a solution that re-uses the existing DVB-C infrastructure. The onboard TV head-end aggregates the signals, descrambles and transports them through the DVB-C network to the TV’s of the crew. This setup enables the ship to receive and distribute up to 50 channels including high quality HD channels. Inclusive maintenance and support are delivered, that will guarantee Fugro of stability and continuity all around the world.

The benefits

The most important benefits of the new platform, built by Divitel, is the re-use of existing infrastructure and the fact that the solution is future proof because of the enhanced DVB-S/S2 modules Divitel uses. The high quality solution matches the required uptime request with a carrier grade TV head-end solution. Beside a maximum usage of the satellite capabilities is achieved by the reception of channel packages through Thor 5 and 6 satellites.Through a structured process of intake of requirements, consultancy on channel line-up and fit for purpose solution, Fugro decided to partner with Divitel in this complex and challenging project.

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