The case

TKS, a German service provider, provides high quality telecommunication products and services to military and civilians. TKS is located on all major U.S. military installations throughout Germany, and aims to be the premier cable television and telecommunications provider to the English speaking community in Europe. The Germans focus on being the best in quality and service. To serve the English community in the best possible way they wanted to deploy multiscreen on all devices. How can Divitel contribute to this challenging question?

The challenge

TKS already enabled content throughout the different military camps but the current middleware platform was not capable of handling multiscreen with the highest possible quality and service. Divitel had to replace the platform but reuse the current set top boxes (STB’s). A technically complex integration plan was made to keep the downtime as low as possible and the quality of the content as high as possible. Besides a short downtime, TKS asked Divitel to implement the new platform within an extreme small timeframe to ensure the high quality and service they promise to their end-customers.

The solution

Divitel designed an efficient and high quality multiscreen platform which delivers high definition content to the end-customers. The main reason the choose for this solution is because of the scalability and thus flexibility in expansion. Implementation of new features and expanding the platform can easily be done. Think of new widgets or new features; Video On Demand (VOD) or network Personal Video Recording (nPVR) on multiscreen!

The most important characteristic of the solutions is the extreme short time to market. There were only 3 months between autograph and completion of the platform! This is the shortest time to market Divitel ever got done!

The benefits

The platform enables TKS to expand its service outside of its own network (OTT delivery). The middleware is flexible and build on open standard web technology like HTML 5,  which enables the rollout of new features for the end users like; VoD, nPVR, CatchupTV or channel expansion.

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