Divitel – In the top 100 most innovative Dutch companies 2020


Yesterday, November 26th, The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), revealed the Top 100 companies they believe to be the most innovative today. We are very proud to, yet again, be one of them!


Our Innovative approach and impact

TV operators today, are looking for ways to increase the quality of their video service and empower their customer care. The main goal of course, is to increase customer satisfaction and prevent churn.

That is no easy task. TV operations generate huge amounts of data that is locked in silo’s. So when things go wrong (macro blocking, restart, replay problems to name a few), it is almost impossible to get a full overview of the situation, difficult to find the root cause and determine what actions to take.

Our approach to video delivery helps with just that.

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About Divitel

Based on over 20 years of video delivery expertise, our mission is to enable TV operators, broadcasters and content creators to grow their business by offering viewers an excellent viewing experience. So that they can remain competitive in their battle against new OTT giants.

Our unique holistic data-driven approach in combination with our people, processes and technology makes it possible to increase operational margin and quality of service at the same time.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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