IBC 2022 | Amsterdam | September 9-12

No more video distribution hassle.

Video distribution is becoming increasingly complex, requiring a growing number of people, time and money to get it right. We are uniquely positioned to take away this hassle, making this challenging task seem almost effortless, so service providers can focus on their core activities instead.

Why don’t we meet at IBC and discuss what all this could mean for you? Use the form on this page or reach out to your Divitel contact to schedule a meeting.


IBC 2022 Divitel team



Hans Kornmann
Founder and CEO of Divitel
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About Divitel

A lot is happening in the digital TV landscape. The convergence of pay TV and streaming, the onward march of live sports streaming, the growing power of big tech players, technology development and more.

But before you can focus on these challenges, there is one most important thing video services need to work on first – subscribers want a smooth-running video service. They expect a high picture quality with all the functionalities like replay tv, catch up TV, NPVR, VOD, etc., all working in the way they are supposed to work.

Giving them that is easier said than done and can be a real time and resource consuming hassle.

It does not have to be that way.

Divitel makes video distribution effortless. We can help with everything you need to maximize video service performance, quality, operating margin and brand value. From troubleshooting to system integration, to operational support.