Video Platform Audit

Video is becoming increasingly important. For consumers for it’s entertainment and informative value. For video an TV services, because it is a key way of attracting and keeping new subscribers and growing revenue through advertisement and packages.

Unfortunately, playing out video and getting all functions and functionalities like replay tv and npvr to work smoothly without any hiccups is a big challenge and a hassle that many video services do not like to deal with.

We can help you every step of the way by taking away all the technical video distribution hassle.  The first step in this process is knowing what parts of your video delivery need improvement.

How well does your video distribution platform perform?


We can help you identify shortcomings of your current IPTV/OTT/hybrid video distribution platform and provide recommendations on how to improve it’s performance.

So you are able to:

  • put your workers to work efficiently,
  • reduce costs and
  • increase your subscriber satisfaction and your revenue.

What do we do?

Every audit is different as we always customize our activities based on specific needs, but below is an example of recent projects at Mauritius Telecom and our ongoing management of the Quickline platform:


Mauritius Telecom

Step 1

We determine analysis criteria and the scope of work

Step 2

Analysis of technical documents of your current system

Step 3

Analysis tooling installation and analysis

Step 4

We create performance insights and provide intermediate findings

Step 5

Final report score card and implementation recommendations

Why Divitel?

Total control. Always.

Our approach enables maximum visibility and certainty on the platform’s current and future performance  (no more guesswork!) for any deployment or change.

For our platform audits this means that any recommendations we make, can be fact checked, ensuring they will have the desired effect. This guarantees zero unpleasant surprises after deployment or during day to day maintenance activities.


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