Video Platform Audit

How well does your video distribution platform perform?


We can help you identify shortcomings of your current IPTV/OTT/hybrid video distribution platform and provide recommendations on how to improve the QoE.

So you are able to:

  • improve performance,
  • reduce costs and
  • increase your subscriber satisfaction.

What do we do?

Every audit is different as we always customize our activities based on specific needs, but below is an example of recent projects at Mauritius Telecom and our ongoing management of the Quickline platform:


Mauritius Telecom

Step 1

We determine analysis criteria and the scope of work

Step 2

Analysis of technical documents of your current system

Step 3

Analysis tooling installation and analysis

Step 4

We create performance insights and provide intermediate findings

Step 5

Final report score card and implementation recommendations

Why Divitel?

We are in total control. Always. Whether its during our projects or during our daily maintenance activities.

Our data-driven approach enables us to know with absolute certainty how the video distribution is performing or is going to perform (no more guesswork!) for any deployment.

For our audits this means that any improvement recommendations we make, can be fact checked, ensuring that they will have the desired effect. This guarantees 100% successful deployments and no unpleasant surprises after go live.

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