Data-driven Performance Testing

No capacity surprises after go life

Adding new technology or changing a component within a video distribution platform can be quite a challenge.

TKS Vodafone requested us to implement on-the-fly- packaging in their Broadpeak CDN and Verimatrix Multi-DRM to support multiple video delivery formats.

We wanted to be sure that this new CDN configuration would indeed do what it was supposed to do, work well with the other technology components and meet the performance requirements. In addition, we wanted to prevent any service interruptions that could negatively impact the viewing experience after go live.

In order to load-test that, pre-launch, we applied a data strategy to create insights about the platform’s performance with regards to capacity, reliability and availability in a production environment.

What did we do?

Every system integration project is different as we always customize our activities based on specific needs, but below is an example of the steps we have taken during the TKS Vodafone project in order to be certain about the new components performance and avoid any surprises after go live:



Step 1

We created a data pipeline and installed the necessary data forwarders for near real time analytics

Step 2

We deployed a cloud simulation tool to mimic real subscribers and set thresholds to evaluate performance

Step 3

Result: when simulated traffic increased, the CDN did not function according to requirements

Step 4

We analyzed the data, found the root cause and orchestrated with corresponding vendor

Step 5

After vendor change, we verified and repeated the testing to verify the fix before installation

Amazing results


Lower costs and prevention of issues after go live (proactive vs reactive)


Made manual testing obsolete


Guaranteed successful deployment to live environment

Why Divitel system integrations?


Fast time to market. Successful deployments. Satisfied viewers.

These are the most important things you are looking for when selecting a system integration partner for your video distribution platform.  Most importantly, integration is the basis for smooth running platforms and if done right, it prevents a lot of unnecessary hassle. Not only during integration, but especially during day-to-day maintenance.
Our system integration services ensure all of this and more.

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