Migration & Integrations

Video technology has made huge strides over the last decades and is poised to go through more and faster changes in the years to come. All this new and evolving technology has made video systems increasingly complex.

As one of the world’s premier independent system integrators, Divitel helps you manage this complexity.

Our system integration services enable you to harness the power of emerging technologies to make your operations more efficient and meet and exceed your customers’ demands. Lowering TCO, adding flexibility and ultimately giving you a competitive edge that means the difference between a struggling existence and a flourishing business.

Data Driven

There are many reasons why TV and video services choose our System Integration Services. But the main one is that we work in a data-driven way.

The data from the different platform technology components (across silos) allow us to generate insights on the workings and performance of the platform as a whole.

This way, during our deployments, we check whether the new component or change is going to generate the desired results or not, this way avoiding any problems post deployment.

This approach is the secret to our success and has many benefits:

  • Fast time to market
  • Fast return on investments
  • Significant reduction of your TCO
  • Avoiding of service failures (buffering, black screens and other failures)


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Project examples:


System integration, project management and deployment of Agamas solution for end-to-end OTT device monitoring (from head-end to OTT service distribution of Live TV channels and VoD assets).


Digital video quality troubleshooting - 66% decrease of number of customer care calls.


GO Smart Wi-Fi Guaranteed. Happy consumers and lower costs through the fast deployment of Managed Mesh WiFi

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Combined cloud and on-premise setup for full IPTV/OTT and improved Wi-Fi platform

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Re-evaluation of RFP results for a new TV platform.


DVB-C, IPTV and OTT platform shared by 25 partner networks.

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Strategy alignment and actionable roadmap.


Pre-study TV platform EurAsia.


Streaming Encoder/Packagers, Mosaic-Monitoring systems.


Freenet TV, hybrid DVB-T2 / OTT platform, Mosaic-Monitoring systems.


DRM for ISP in the role of OVP (Online Video Publisher).


DVB-T2 platform deployment.


DVB-C, IPTV and multi-format / multi-DRM OTT platform.


EMD platform renewal - hardware and software.


Compression, DVB-multiplexing and distribution system for Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO).


Migration from middleware including OTT and APP strategy.


Streaming Encoder/Packagers.


The fist HbbTV playout system to go live in the Netherlands.


Design, build and support of multiscreen distribution of unicast streams.


Streaming platform for iPad Ziggo TV app.


DVB Headend, OTT Streaming, control room monitoring systems.


Renovation of the existing platform and migration to MMDS.


IPTV, multiscreen OTT platform.


Deployment of OTT Windows Media WebTV player. Ten Dutch TV channels could be seen on different mobile devices.


Optimized distribution of UPC content throughout Europe through the creation of a Headend in the sky.


Build of the media gateway on the Mediapark in Hilversum, The Netherlands.


Realized the first interactive video connection.


First ever G.703 media gateway connection build.

“We’ve had over 20 years to perfect our systems integration processes and the quality of our deployments. We prioritize fitness for business purposes in all deliverables.”
Oscar de Boer
Divitel CIO

Why an independent deployment partner like Divitel is the best choice

Not many video system integrators are truly independent. Most will have their own middleware, some will even make their own set top boxes. With Divitel, you’re guaranteed to receive the technology, brand or vendor that best fits your specific requirements. DRM by Verimatrix or Widevine, video processing by Anevia, Harmonic or AppearTV, middleware by Nordija: the video delivery landscape is complex, but we will consider every possible entry to deliver the best possible solution. In this way you can avoid being locked-in and remain flexible and future proof.


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