Observability – for constant peace of mind and happy subscribers

With the surge in technology components, keeping tabs on the video chain is no walk in the park. Old-school monitoring? They might let crucial faults slip through the cracks, fixating only on set metrics and alerts. The fallout? A dip in QoS, rising operational costs, and most crucially, a hit to QoE and profit margins. Let’s change that narrative!


Why Switch to Observability?

For happy subscribers, of course

old monitoring vs new observability

Miss a glitch, and your users might just hit ‘unsubscribe’ and jump ship to shinier shores. Buffering woes, dodgy content, and hiccups? They’re churn’s best buddies. And beware: disgruntled ex-subscribers love to chat, making your next subscriber catch even trickier. Protect your rep and keep those subs rolling in!

Observability – it’s much more than a tool

Tossing in an observability tool? That’s just the start. True observability is a blend of the perfect tool, a razor-sharp strategy, data analysis prowess, and a deep dive into system nuances.

With our holistic approach, we:

  • Pinpoint and tackle issues before they even blink.
  • Fortify your system for the future.
  • Serve up insights you can act on, pronto.
  • Elevate profits, slash costs, and amp up the QoE.

Explore our approach

We swiftly detect and resolve performance
issues without service disruption

Why is Divitel the logical choice for observability?

Leveraging our 25+ years of experience with many tools and deployments, we’ve fine-tuned observability for video delivery. Our approach? Proactive monitoring, early alerts, and sharp predictive analytics. We catch issues before your subscribers do—all at a set monthly fee.

The perfect fit

We create an observability service for your specific KPIs, using best in class technology and remaining vendor agnostic.

Always on

Our 24/7 service promptly resolves detected issues, minimizing downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Leveraging AI, ML, and 25 years of experience, Divitel’s observability service generates predictive insights that drive actionable solutions.

Customer examples


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“Divitel detects a problem and corrects it.
It’s simple really.”

Quickline Success Story


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“We have partnered with Divitel to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market.”

Setar Success Story


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“We chose Divitel for the daily management and TCO optimization of our TV platform so we can focus on other priorities.”

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