Divisio 2.0

Cable & network operators, service providers, content owners and new entrants in the OTT industry are aiming to reach more end users with a powerful proposition and expand their ARPU in order to grow or improve their market position. Consequently end users’ demand for new functionalities, content quality and device support are high and rising.

To meet these requirements, we present “Divisio 2.0”. A modular IPTV/OTT TV platform that offers great user experience as a service.


  • Great user experience on all devices
  • A modular set of advanced features such as Timeshift TV, VOD
  • Deployment from the cloud
  • A stable platform and services
  • A professional service organization
  • Optimized financial models
  • A partnership to boost your success!


End users experience/satisfaction:

  • Powerful branding
  • Rich set of features
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Personal and personalized

Technical characteristics:

  • E2E platform
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Modular infrastructure
  • Network agnostic
  • Device agnostic
  • Technology agnostic
  • Proven technology
  • Open standards
  • Multi-vendor


  • New devices or features
  • New apps/widgets
  • Support for CPE/Devices
  • Short time 2 market

Managed service:

  • Fully managed delivery or hybrid
  • Stable, secured, scalable
  • Transparent service onboarding
  • Powered by DOC (Divitel Operating Center)


We present one platform that supports all devices: STB, tablets and phones. Personalization and creating your own (local) applications is key, so we made it simple to create new app’s and give you the freedom you need in skinning and look & feel. The platform is turn-key and direct available without disrupting your customer. Remain fully in control of your subscribers’ experience, content and marketing strategy. Because of the integration with (existing) technologies we can reduce your costs and efforts. We are network and vendor agnostic, use open standards and deliver complete 24/7 support.

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