See the problems through Silo Smashing Monitoring

Explore and visualize processes for increased transparency and faster decision making.

Identify outages fast with a 360-degree, real-time unified monitoring experience across all silos and services.

Say good bye to guess work and know what is happening at all times.

Up to 30% margin increase by always knowing what is going on

For TV operations significant efficiency increase and cost reduction can be achieved by decreasing the time spent on detecting unidentified alarms, which are difficult to categorize and prioritize. Manually sorting out alerts should be a thing of the past.

Our approach creates a unified monitoring experience for the whole video delivery ecosystem, across silos and services. One that measures how viewers perceive the quality holistically. One that shows which tickets should be taken seriously and given priority.

Most importantly, it helps you unlock value and increase operating margin while doing it.

This is how our See Service Package does just that:

Increase of quality and customer satisfaction

Because tickets are prioritized, your engineers will know which tickets have the most impact to service quality.  In this way, you will be increasing service quality and reducing the number of customer complaints and tickets.

No more outsourcing of customer care

Your customer care people will know what is happening with the video service at all times. This will make outsourcing of customer care no longer a necessity.

Reduction of truck rolls

Because your customer care will be that more efficient, you will also be able to reduce related truck rolls, which is a large cost for many TV operators today

This is what we do


We visualize KPI’s to monitor and collect data from all the different relevant monitoring locations throughout the service – from content acquisition all the way to devices. No more silos! The objective is to ingest as much data as possible to be able to monitor service flows of the whole ecosystem, for instance for playout of Live TV or Cloud PVR recordings.


  • We report incidents and service failures either by viewers or by one of the monitoring locations within the ecosystem.
  • Our engineers quantify the impact and reliability of the reported incident.
  • Because we can quantify it, we can also prioritize the incoming incidents faster and better.


  • We correlate the data and translate it into insights for monitoring points, graphs and alerts and create dashboards that feed different internal audiences (customer service, operations, business, etc.).
  • You will be monitoring the health status of the total system and support engineers will be alarmed in case of any issue or failure.
  • When customers call, your customer care people will know what is going on and be able to help efficiently.

Customer example

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Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself

Together, through a Proof of Value, we can explore and start to solve any monitoring challenge. How does it work? It’s a three-step process:

  • First, we define a use case together.
  • Then, we analyze key data sources and build analytic models.
  • Thirdly, we explore results and come to monitoring recommendations and next steps

While we do this, we will be keeping in mind any legacy that you are currently using so that you can maximize that ROI.

And all of this within 6 to 12 weeks (depending on your use case).

Separately, we can also help you get started with the execution of said recommendations and next steps. For example, we could take over operations (temporarily) or train your engineers and help you get things started or any other operational support that you may need.


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