Arris innovation award for Divitel

Divitel was present at Arris’ Gala Dinner and Awards show on the island of Malta. At the show Arris awarded the different partners for their commitment and effort the past year and some prizes were awarded. Divitel is proud to receive the Arris innovation award. As an independent system integrator we design, build and maintain high-end video delivery platforms. In this process innovation takes a huge role.

Arris innovation award for Divitel | Divitel

Tuan Huynh, Chief Innovation Officer at Divitel adds: “Divitel’s contribution to the business partnership lies in its ability to accelerate the development of new, complex, compelling media technologies, to identify new earning models, to transform this knowledge into innovative solutions and to market them. We also regard the partnership with Arris as another way of managing the increased complexity and constant exponential growth of new media technologies. So our partnership endorses the Divitel vision of sharing effort and new ideas but also of considerably reducing the costs and risks of R&D, and the time involved in marketing innovative solutions.”

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