Divitel and Alpha Networks Join Forces

Apeldoorn, Brussels, Dec. 1, 2015 Alpha Networks, leading designer of subscription management solutions for Pay-TV, and Divitel B.V., Europe’s largest independent video systems integrator and innovative video solution provider, are engaging in a strategic partnership.

Divitel and Alpha Networks are similarly sized and privately owned companies that complement each other’s propositions perfectly: Alpha Networks enables the efficient monetizing of Pay-TV services with its revolutionary unified back-office. Divitel excels in designing, building and maintaining video solutions and has developed a solid and field-proven ecosystem. Together, the firms deliver a true end-to-end environment for the delivery of video content, bringing every screen to life.

Alpha Networks and Divitel also benefit from each other’s strengths in different market segments, addressing not only the requirements of network operators, but equally capable to support innovative Pay-OTT-TV deployments for content owners.

Divitel designs, builds and maintains the best video delivery solutions, from content to screen. In their solutions Divitel only uses the best of breed technologies and thus only work with selected top vendors. Alpha Networks fits perfectly in this strategy for their innovative software solutions.

Alpha Networks is the perfect partner for Divitel in the effort to expand the possibilities of our video delivery solutions. Hans Kornmann, CEO of Divitel, tells: “We are proud to have such a progressive and sophisticated partner on our side! In order to stay ahead we are moving our solutions, modularly to the cloud, Alpha Networks fits perfectly in our strategy and can help us accelerate these plans.”

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute our technology to enable television solutions to be delivered as a service,” said Victor Badin, CEO of Alpha Networks. “The flexibility of our back-office package gives Divitel all the necessary tools to manage a great variety of deployments using a single, standard software solution that can leverage Divitel’ s existing infrastructure and allow a short time to market of new projects.”

Divitel and Alpha Networks have agreed on a broad implementation and integration of the services of Alpha Networks in a variety of projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Cooperative marketing activities is also part of the recently signed partnership.

About Divitel

Divitel is the largest independent systems integrator based in Europe. Not just any systems integrator, Divitel is the proud engineer behind the screens! Divitel designs, builds and maintains the best video distribution solutions, from content to screen. Divitel brings every screen to life! Video is Divitel’s passion and video technology in in their DNA. For nearly 20 years Divitel helps customers with intelligent video distribution solutions. Because of their unique independent position, they do not depend on just one technology, supplier or brand. This means they can choose from the best technologies, products and ideas for every question or challenge. Within Divitel you will find people that have a true passion for innovation, video and next-gen services. Millions of end-users enjoy a fantastic video experience thanks to their solutions!

About Alpha Networks

At Alpha Networks we create the most comprehensive and scalable subscription management solutions and content management system in one convergent product software for the next generation Pay-TV business. Our unified backend software platform is natively integrated with subscriber self-service portal. The solution is open by means of an API in support of 3rd party UI design and apps development. The internal billing and payment gateway component is pre-integrated with several renowned credit card services. The Alpha Networks SMS/CMS environment, an end-to-end Pay TV solution : An economic way to build and control a complete ecosystem for the monetisation of IPTV, multiscreen and OTT services.

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