Divitel and Keepixo power IP-based TV solution for MEDIA BROADCAST

Apeldoorn, Grenoble – September 7, 2017

Recently, Divitel designed a state-of-the-art streaming headend featuring Keepixo encoders for service provider MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH in Germany. As part of a bigger switch to the new hybrid offering freenet TV connect, this solution enables MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH to offer viewers advanced adaptive MPEG-DASH streaming capabilities. Viewers can access the streams via the innovative freenet TV connect service seamless within the freenet TV channel list. The use of Keepixo encoders-packagers ensures the maximum possible video quality for any given end-user bandwidth, while offering the scalability needed from 21st century video delivery solutions. Initially the platform features 18 IP-channels, but has the elasticity needed to add additional channels without system-wide resets.

“Today’s customer-expectations are high,” according to Sven Eckoldt, MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH, Senior Product Manager. “Our new freenet TV connect proposition not only meets those expectations, it’s built to surpass them. Divitel’s expertise on video delivery solutions and Keepixo’s products allow us to provide viewers with additional channels enabling more exciting content and relevant usage scenarios. We feel that freenet TV marks a new era for terrestrial television, combining the strengths of both broadcast and IP-based services.” freenet TV is the consumer brand, owned by MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH. It is a content package, consisting of private broadcaster channels, offered via the new terrestrial standard DVB-T2 HD.

“The freenet TV connect project at MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH is a great example of the type of scenario in which Divitel shines,” comments Wouter Slot, Divitel COO. “We were aiming for a flexible, future-proof solution and we delivered. Keepixo has proven a reliable and versatile partner in previous projects and they were a natural fit for the freenet TV connect solution. We look forward to seeing end-users flock to the freenet TV service and enjoy it in new and exciting ways.”

“It is an honor to have been selected by MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH, and we are delighted to work again with Divitel on this project.” added Jerome Blanc, COO for Keepixo. “We always strive to offer encoders with the best video quality, and packagers carefully tailored with all the functions that our customers need for creating professional TV services. Here again, the combination of our professional products, our customer-oriented development strategy, and Divitel’s deep industry and market knowledge, proved to be the perfect fit.”


MEDIA BROADCAST is part of freenet Group and Germany’s largest service provider in the broadcast and media industry. In its core business, the company designs, sets up and operates national and global multimedia transmission platforms for television and radio based on modern transmitter, wire and satellite networks. The focus is on terrestrial transmitter networks. In this area, the company, with over 2,000 transmitters for FM, DAB+ as well as DVB-T, is market leader in Germany and since May 2016 operator of DVB-T2 HD platform freenet TV. MEDIA BROADCAST serves around 750 national and international customers: public and commercial broadcasters, TV and radio production companies, cable operators, media authorities as well as private enterprises and public institutions. The company has its headquarter in Cologne and several branches in Germany. For further information, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

About Divitel

Divitel is one of the world’s leading independent video systems integrators. Decades worth of knowledge about video delivery and all other facets of the video industry, have cemented Divitel as one of the foremost authorities on all things video. Divitel offers multiple managed services, including managed DRM and managed OTT, as well as consultancy on video business- and technological challenges. We design, build and maintain video delivery solutions for broadcasters, operators, and content creators worldwide. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Divitel has additional offices in Germany and CuraƧao.

About Keepixo

Keepixo, the spin-off of Allegro DVT’s broadcast business, is a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT TV. Offering a complete range of products, it covers the Encoding, Packaging and Delivery functions of the OTT TV chain. This includes live and file video transcoders, feature-rich OTT packagers, mosaic generators, and a live-to-file recording solution for catch-up TV. Keepixo solutions are used by more than 150 customers including 40 tier-1 operators worldwide.