Divitel is FD Gazelle for the 4th time

Apeldoorn October 2016, Divitel is an FD Gazelle for the 4th time! Today was announced that Divitel in Apeldoorn is FD Gazelle thanks to considerable growth of the company results after a year of re-organization and investment in the future of TV delivery business.

“We are very delighted to be awarded once again after some entrepreneurial investments in order to bring unique value to our customers tomorrow” says Bert Kist, CFO of Divitel. The video delivery technology industry has always been evolving but the last few years were quite disruptive. We still design, build and maintain video delivery solutions that optimize our customer`s business case. However we do see that transforming our technical knowledge and capabilities in a cloud based service is becoming increasingly important.

We are known as “the engineers behind the screen” and striving to produce the best for our customers, but sometimes it is nice to be in front of the screens as well!

Divitel is FD Gazelle for the 4th time | Divitel