Divitel joins SALIG++

Self-care system for monitoring elderly people

Divitel received the formal ‘go’ for the SALIG++ project and joined as an innovative partner in the SALIG++ Consortium. Divitel can now contribute in the development of a self-care system for monitoring elderly people. The selection is made by the General Assembly of the AAL Association and the funding decision of the ZonMw board. Pretty special, considering that 151 International proposals were submitted and only 10 of them are granted. Divitel is proud, belonging to the chosen 10!


SALIG++ is the name for “Safety for elderly in mobile activities through sensor-based services for Ambient-assisted LivinG”. The project enables the participants to develop a self-care system. The proposal is submitted to AAL. The objective of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is to develop innovative, ICT based solutions for elderly people to improve their quality of life.

Salig++ Self-care system

The SALIG++ project is a project which brings together several different companies with one goal. The development of a next-gen system for self-care. The system is able to track people and can see if the person is in a good condition, medical as well as physical. And off course, the informal caregivers will be involved as well. An intuitive interface and ease of use in just one click are keywords in developing the system. Obviously, the latest technology will be put to action such as smart TV’s and connected devices.

The service model consists of different stakeholders. Major care organizations, who install and maintain the system. Formal caregivers, think of nurses or medical professionals. And of course the informal caregivers; consisting of family, friends, neighbours and volunteers.


Divitel’s contribution

The role of Divitel within this project is to enable a unified TV user experience, that enables all required functionalities to support exploitation of the SALIG++ concept. Divitel joins the project as a system integrator and validates functional requirements of the SALIG++ concept accordingly. Divitel is the ideal partner to provide information about the future of interactive TV solutions and know-how of the upcoming changes in the television scenery.