Divitel nominated for Innovation of the Year 2023


Divitel is doubling the excitement at this year’s Video Tech Innovation Awards hosted by Digital TV Europe!

We’ve been nominated not just once, but TWICE, in two distinct categories:

  • AI and Machine Learning Innovation of the Year, and
  • Content Distribution Innovation of the Year.

Both in recognition of our pioneering work with our Algorithm Factory – an established approach for video delivery operations that drives performance, prioritizes efficiency and agility, and elevates subscriber satisfaction, NPS scores, and operational margins.

More about our Factory

Video Tech Innovation Award

Spread across more than 10 categories, Digital TV Europe’s VIAs celebrate the achievements of the TV industry during these unprecedented times. Covering diverse categories like streaming, content delivery, advertising, and AI, they showcase industry leaders and innovations in content consumption and insights.

The 2023 VIAs will take place in Church House Westminster on November 7.

About Divitel

Divitel is your trusted professional services partner, boasting a quarter-century of unwavering commitment to the video delivery domain. This deep-rooted expertise translates into faster issue resolution, streamlined implementations, and an in-depth grasp of video delivery intricacies, ensuring reduced time-to-market, risk mitigation, and heightened operational efficiency.​

Drawing from a rich tapestry of diverse deployments, Divitel possesses a panoramic view of industry intricacies. This versatility empowers us to tailor solutions to your unique requirements, resulting in cost-efficiency, optimized performance, and a distinctive competitive edge.​

At Divitel, data is not just information; it’s our strategic compass. Our automation first way of working helps us identify performance trends, preemptively addresses issues, and continually fine-tunes your video delivery infrastructure. This translates into enriched viewer experiences, operational cost savings, and the nimbleness to anticipate and adapt to evolving industry dynamics.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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