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Today your video audience has many different services to choose from. Keeping them happy is top on your list of priorities. If you want your organization to grow and viewers to keep watching, you will have to give them what they want – a great experience with the highest possible quality of service. Is it possible to do that without having to heavily invest in additional resources?

The answer is YES! On top of that, you can do it while reducing operational costs, increasing your operational efficiency and creating new revenue opportunities!

But how do you do that when dealing with an increasingly complex technology landscape? How do you select the best vendor in the current blurred landscape? How do you determine whether to outsource or do it yourself? How to get from your legacy to a new ecosystem? What data is needed to get insights into performance and to detect the cause of failures? And how to do that with only a limited number of resources and with the cutting-edge technology that you need to gain competitive advantage?

The best kept secret

With over 20 years of video domain expertise, we help many European operators, content owners and service providers find the best answers to these questions. Working with us if often a strategic decision and that is why you could say that we are the best kept secret in our industry.

Download our 2019 Whitepaper and find out how you too could transform the increasingly technologically complex video landscape into excellent customer experiences.

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About Divitel

Based on over 20 years of video service expertise, our mission is to enable you to grow your business through excellent video service implementations. We do that by bridging the gap between increasingly complex technology ecosystems and video services.

We are your solid partner for all things video – From strategy and cutting-edge technology consultancy, to system integration, customized solutions or managed services. We design, build and maintain video services for operators, service providers and content owners around the globe.

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