Divitel wins an FD Gazelle!

November 21, 2014. Divitel won an FD Gazelle! This means that Divitel is amongst the 3 fastest and healthiest, growing companies in the medium category in the province of Gelderland (NL). In 2013 we were also nominated, but this time we got a statuette!

Divitel wins an FD Gazelle! | Divitel

Divitel competed with 331 other companies, in different categories. Strict conditions are key. To be able to compete for a FD (Financieel Dagblad) Gazellen nomination, companies must be financially healthy, have an uninterrupted growth in turnover or -at least- 20% over a period of three years and suffer no losses.

Or, as the FD describes on its own website: “FD Gazelles are fast growing companies. Which is mainly achieved on their own, according to research by the FD. Part of their DNA, for example, is a drive for innovation, maintaining financial independence and a careful HRM-policy. Theres always a search for good quality staff and extensive use of a flexible workforce.”

Hans Kornmann, CEO/Owner of Divitel, totally agrees: “Innovation and sharing knowledge is in our DNA for 20 years already. Moreover, it’s our existence! Which resulted, recently, in the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for New Media Technologies. Innovation and sharing knowledges is essential in our industry. Our innovative television platforms are in great demand worldwide; hard work of which we are obviously very proud. Especially in a turbulent market segment where technology evolves rapidly and business models currently undergoing massive change! I insist: the nomination for the FD Gazellen Awards was a nice recognition, but being amongst the top 3 of fastest growing companies is really a good feeling!”

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