How putting data first impacts your NPS

It’s every operator’s dream: a significant increase of the NPS score with above zero scores for the last year and a half. Think about what this would mean if this was you.

You would have loyal customers. You would be reducing churn. And because your customers are happy, it suddenly becomes possible for you to offer them premium packages and increase your revenue, maybe for the first time ever.

We know from experience that there is a strong correlation between your video service performance, it’s quality and your NPS.


The impact of data on video service performance

The most important asset needed to improve your video service quality is your data. Data generated by the different technological components that make up your video service – from content acquisition all the way to client devices. This is what you need in order to know what is happening, what is causing failures and how to solve them. Data is everything.

We apply a silo smashing, analysis accelerating data strategy in all our platform modules and our customers report significant improvement in their service performance.

  • 80% Faster Root Cause Analysis
  • 65% Fewer Tickets
  • 50% Faster Mean Time to Recover
  • 40% Increase in First Time Right

You too can benefit from our data. We have translated our strategy into 3 different platform modules:

See the problems

Silo Smashing Monitoring

Explore and visualize processes for increased transparency and faster decision making. Identify outages fast with a unified, real-time monitoring experience across all silos and services.

Say goodbye to guesswork and know what’s really happening at all times.

Find the problems

Analysis Acceleration

Reduce event noise and shorten your Mean Time to Investigate & Mean Time to Recover. Cluster events and leverage the right data to determine failure root causes and solve problems faster.

Say thank you to the power of automation, cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

Eliminate the problems

Continuous Improvement

Achieve the highest possible QoS and QoE.  Highly skilled video experts work in accordance to the latest IT Service Management and ISO principles to manage the service lifecycle efficiently.

Say hello to faster, better and easy operations.

“In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.”
Klaus Schwab
World Economic Forum

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Based on over 20 years of focused and independent video domain expertise, Divitel’s mission is to increase the competitiveness and profitability of video services. With customers all over the globe, Divitel is a partner for all things video, offering cutting-edge technology, end-to-end deployments and continuously improving operations ranging from OTT to IPTV and DVB-T to -S. We empower cable operators, internet providers, broadcasters and content owners, with a data-driven approach that powers predictive automation and increases profitability and efficiency. Divitel has its own ISO27001 certified Operating Center in Apeldoorn, from which Divitel is remotely running customers’ daily video services.

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