Press release – PŸUR HD TV and Divitel

How PŸUR positioned themselves to win in the German HD TV market

Apeldoorn, December 20, 2023 – Divitel, in partnership with Tele Columbus, announces its behind-the-scenes role in launching PŸUR TV HD. Divitel’s focus on strategic support, technical integration, and quality assurance, played a crucial role in this collaborative effort.


PYUR press release


Key Collaboration Benefits

The collaboration started, when Tele Columbus contacted Divitel to evaluate an RFP for their new to be launched PŸUR TV platform. Divitel validated the target solution and confirmed the evaluation of the vendor. Here Divitel could leverage over 25 years of experience in independent video delivery, making the company the best choice in assisting in the selection of the right technology vendors.

Divitel’s knowledge enabled the creation of a POC environment for independent testing, allowing Tele Columbus to validate platform performance and minimize risks, ensuring a swift and successful market launch.

For production of their new service, Divitel then crafted an essential detailed low-level scope design.

Mr. Roger Pitton, the appointed Program Manager by Divitel, led the launch project by continuously emphasizing platform stability as a priority, ensuring timely integration of new features and focusing the team on critical activities.


The Divitel team helped transform requirements to deliverables, complete with IT/OSS/BSS integration, operational readiness, and customer care. This required close management, coordination and planning of partner technology deliverables (Nagra, 3SS, Sagemcom,, Broadpeak, Harmonic) to meet timelines and pass system acceptance.

Critical activities included conducting acceptance tests to optimize performance and minimize service interruptions.

A data-driven approach was adopted throughout the project, encompassing performance analysis of technology and the overall TV service, aiding in decision-making and risk management.

An important part of the project consisted in the execution of several friendly user tests with 250 subscribers, leading to service optimizations. This was done in 10 iterations and resulted in an NPS increase of over 30 points.

Statements from Leadership

Tele Columbus CEO Markus Oswald:

Divitel’s role was crucial in seamlessly integrating and launching PŸUR TV HD. Their management of complex technicalities and focus on subscriber satisfaction were invaluable.”

Divitel CEO Hans Kornmann:

Our work with Tele Columbus on PŸUR TV HD exemplifies Divitel’s dedication to delivering not only technical solutions but also strategic performance insights for scalable, subscriber-focused services.

Looking Ahead

For their next phase, Divitel is happy and ready to assist with the implementation of data-driven automation for maintenance and technical support. This approach enables service expansion (subscriber growth) without the need for additional manpower, aiming for the highest NPS scores and Quality of Experience in the German TV market.

About Tele Columbus

Tele Columbus AG is a prominent fiber-optic network operator in Germany, known for its extensive reach that spans over three million households. Operating under the brand name PΫUR, Tele Columbus offers a range of services, including high-speed Internet, telephony, and access to over 200 TV programs through a digital entertainment platform. This platform integrates linear TV with video-on-demand entertainment, offering a comprehensive media experience.

About Divitel

Divitel excels in video distribution management, utilizing sophisticated automated technology and Artificial Intelligence to quickly address viewing issues for a diverse range of global cable, broadcast, and IP operators. Their approach, rooted in observability, ensures exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE), Quality of Service (QoS), and security across various platforms and devices. This strategy allows pay TV operators to concentrate on other critical areas, as Divitel’s advanced data mining, automation, and intelligent processes enable them to scale efficiently and fully capitalize on their video delivery investments. With Divitel, operators can effortlessly navigate the complexities of video distribution, eliminating operational stress.