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Apeldoorn, 5 April 2019 – Today, we’ve released our new and improved TV Strategy Navigator: a free tool to assess strategic alignment of projects, plans and ambition with strategic business priorities. 

It’s been two years ago already since we’ve first released the model. The response was immense, from partners using it to model their customers priorities, to clients using it to align their internal TV strategies and more. Since we’ve gained a lot of new knowledge in the past two years that we would like to share with you, we decided to update the model to help you develop an even better strategy for your media business.

TV Strategy Navigator example

Since its first inception, some years ago, the TV Strategy Navigator has evolved into a model that’s been used by dozens of Cable Operators, Telco’s and other TV industry stakeholders. It’s never a finished product, but rather a model that’s constantly evolving. If and when you use it, you’ll undoubtedly tweak it for your specific use-case. From our end, we’d like to assist you in the process by telling you about our reasoning behind its current incarnation, the way we currently utilize it with clients and some possible follow-up actions. We’re releasing the TV Strategy Navigator under a creative commons CC BY 4.0 license, which allows you to copy, redistribute, remix, transform and use the model in any way, shape or form, as long as you give appropriate credit. Ideally, it will help you like it helped many Divitel clients before you. Enjoy!

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