The increasing importance of effortless video distribution


Because of the growing importance of video distribution, Divitel is anticipating an increased demand for her services.

In order to meet that demand, some time ago we have become member of ELITE, (the international SMEs network and private market part of Euronext Group). Recently, our CEO gave a short interview to ELITE in which he explains the reasons why we are planning on increased demand and looking for investors to further accelerate our growth.


Read the full interview on the Elite website

Growing demand

Video distribution can be a real resource consuming hassle. But unfortunately, it is a necessary one. Because, if video platforms do not perform as expected, with all features and functions working properly, subscribers will talk.

Video distribution and brand value

While a life may not be at stake, a positive experience is. Research shows that people talk much more frequently about a negative experience than a positive one. And they spread negative reviews far wider than positive endorsements.

Video distribution and margin

But a good performing service is not enough. This high-quality level needs to happen efficiently, utilizing less resources, as we all have been witness to the rise of content rights costs which is not expected to improve any time soon.

What does this mean?

Because of these reasons, video distribution is becoming one of the highest commercial priorities. For brands to be successful an efficient, high performing, margin generating video platform is a prerequisite.

The good news is that video services do not have to deal with this hassle all by themselves. Or at all!

Enter Divitel – we are the video distribution hassle removers.  We take on the burden so video services don’t necessarily have to. Ensuring effortless experiences and maximum performance for both themselves and their subscribers.


About Divitel

A lot is happening in the digital TV landscape. The convergence of pay TV and streaming, the onward march of live sports streaming, the growing power of big tech players, technology development and more.

But before you can focus on these challenges, there is one most important thing video services need to work on first – subscribers want a smooth-running video service. They expect a high picture quality with all the functionalities like replay tv, catch up TV, NPVR, VOD, etc., all working in the way they are supposed to work.

Giving them that is easier said than done and can be a real time and resource consuming hassle.

It does not have to be that way.

Divitel makes video distribution effortless. We can help with everything you need to maximize video service performance, quality, operating margin and brand value. From troubleshooting to system integration, to operational support.