Money-Making TV Operations | A Divitel Webinar

In today’s media landscape, OTT media giants offer an incredibly high service quality that viewers have come to expect, and they are quick to switch when these expectations are not met. For traditional TV operators. matching this level of quality often means that they are forced to keep investing in additional resources. For operators who want to remain competitive, this situation cannot continue to exist. 

On November 25th, a discussion took place  amongst two of our leading industry experts who revealed the steps that we have taken in order to significantly reduce costs and avoid investments in support and staff when managing video delivery operations remotely for our global TV operator customers.

We showed how it is possible to increase your operating margins and create value from within.

Find out the possible increases in your operating margin


Through silo smashing monitoring


Additional increase through accelerating your ability to analyze incidents


Boost savings even further by changing and releasing intelligently


About the speakers

Wouter Slot

Chief Operating Officer, Divitel B.V

Wouter Slot is the Chief Operating Officer at Divitel. He is responsible for Divitel’s ongoing operations and procedures, including Information Security and Data Protection practices. Wouter’s experience and leadership focused on operational excellence with a data-driven approach for the development and management of outstanding production systems. Wouter has over 25 years of experience in running operations in various mission-critical environments and during the webinar he will provide valuable insights on the different video delivery processes and their costs.

Annet Eeltink

Customer voice expert, Divitel B.V

Annet Eeltink is Sales manager at Divitel. She is a commercial professional with experience in sales and new business development with a professional background in the private and public sector and partners across Europe. At Divitel she is one of the primary point of contacts for Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators, broadcasters and other media companies and during the webinar she will be able to provide valuable information about the challenges that these organizations are dealing with and the many different solutions that Divitel has applied to different cases and lessons learned along the way.