Continuously Improving Video Delivery for Quickline

Partnership all the Way

The Challenge

We were first contacted by Quickline in 2016, when they approached us for an RFP. The company needed to get their people up to speed with the operational processes of their NEW IPTV platform for a period of 18 months. They were suffering from a 3-year delay already, their selected integrations partner not being able to deliver on their promise to support them with their day to day operations (people, processes and technology).

Their new IPTV TV platform was advanced and consists of different technology components that offer viewers a very personal television experience, accessible through a wide range of devices. The platform itself, like the networks of the Quickline partners, support mixed operations: DVB-C, IPTV and OTT streaming, both with 100+ live channels and on-demand streaming. The complexity of this digital platform was incomparable to the traditional DVB technology that powered much of Quickline’s TV services before. Many different technological components within the ecosystem had to work well together in order to achieve the needed high service quality levels.

As such, Quickline was looking for a partner to monitor, co-manage and support their operations department and share knowledge about how to work with their new digital TV platform.

The Solution

  • The first step in our collaboration consisted of consultancy to organize their processes according to ISO 20000.
  • Secondly, through an operations contract, we rolled out this process. Not only did we roll it out, we also supported with project design and architecture and became their official implementation partner for all new technology in accordance to the Scaled Agile Framework project management methodology.
  • What started as simply service quality monitoring, integration problem fixing and operational transition support, evolved to become a true partnership where Divitel monitors and manages the platform proactively to ensure it is continuously improved and optimized remotely, from our Operating Center in the Netherlands.
  • We also provide 24/7 second line customer care support to Quickline customers and handle all the tickets. We also test and validate releases before deploying them through automated testing technology.
  • The data is stored in the cloud and we use different tools to collect and work with it in a holistic way.
  • More recently, we ensured successful launch of their Android TV STB.

Holistic, data-driven approach: The Divitel Platform

In 2019, we expanded our activities to include the management of a new UHD Android TV STB. We did this successfully by applying our unique holistic data-driven approach and the infrastructure that today we call the Divitel Quantum Platform.

Quickline allowed us access to the data generated by the different platform components within the ecosystem. This data we gather from one access point (a data lake) and from there correlate and monitor what is happening throughout the complete ecosystem. This way we managed to support Quickline when launching their Android TV STB.

We continue applying this approach in our day to day efforts to maintain service quality as high as possible.

How does it work?

The goal is to identify the causes of service failures as fast as possible so that a fix can be orchestrated. Our approach first unifies all ecosystem data so that our engineers create operational insights by correlating between variables, indicating the probable cause of service failures.  Then, we code our findings into workflows so that the system becomes increasingly intelligent over time. Lastly, these insights and automatic workflows are translated into alerts and dashboards, alarming engineers in case of any failure so they can act accordingly.

Read more about our proven approach and how it helps get a full view of the ecosystems health status, reduce mean time to detect and resolve tickets and accelerate efficiency of day to day operations.

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Benefits and Results

Since 2016, Divitel has supported Quickline’s operational management of their IPTV platform remotely from the Divitel Operations Facility in Apeldoorn. Here are the most important achievements:

Increase customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities

Significant increase in NPS scores shortly after applying our holistic data-driven approach when we started managing the Quality of Service.  Because Quickline’s customers are happy, the company has recently been able to introduce premium packages to her loyal customer base.

Fast Time to Market

After 3-year delay, the platform went live in less than 9 months. By leveraging the knowledge from managing and deploying multiple Divitel clients, we are able to ensure hyper-compressed development cycles, ensuring user-requested features hit the market as soon as possible, without negatively effecting platform stability.

Speed and accuracy

Our holistic, data-driven approach enables us to detect problems easily and fast and execute accurate and speedy root cause analysis to pinpoint the exact component that causes problems. This approach also saves a lot of time in the vendor orchestration, and reduces noise and time-to-market for new releases and features.

Successful deployments

Another added benefit to this data-driven approach, is that we enable Quickline to launch and deploy new features and functions successfully. We can measure the effect of any change or any new component during deployment and before going live so that we can ensure accurate performance after go live.

What Does Quickline Say About Divitel?

“We have chosen Divitel as our managed service partner because they have proved to possess the necessary resources and experience to guarantee smooth operation of our TV platform.”
Rudolf Bühler
Head of Services Operation

About Quickline

Quickline is one of the largest cable operators in Switzerland. As a full-service provider, the company services 23 independent cable network and energy companies via its fiber-optic backbone and offers consumers TV, telephony and Internet services directly. In the Swiss entertainment and communications space, Quickline is relatively young. Founded in the 90’s, the company has managed to rapidly propel to a position in the countries’ top three TV providers and fourth largest internet and telephone service provider.


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