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Partnership all the Way

 Divitel to the rescue

In 2016, Quickline knocked on our door with an RFP, eager to train their team on the ins and outs of their new IPTV platform. After an 18-month training journey and a hiccup with a previous partner, they turned to us for a rescue mission.

Quickline’s IPTV platform? It’s not just any system; it’s a blend of cutting-edge tech components.

Together, these components craft a tailor-made TV experience, ready to dazzle on any device. Quickline’s platform? It’s a dynamic mix of DVB-C, IPTV, and OTT streaming, just like their partners’ networks. And with a lineup of 100+ live channels and on-demand streaming, it’s a TV enthusiast’s dream come true.

Quickline’s new digital platform was a game-changer, leaving their traditional DVB tech in the dust. With its intricate web of tech components, achieving top-notch service quality was a challenge. So, Quickline was on the hunt for a partner, not just to co-pilot their operations but also to swap wisdom on mastering this cutting-edge TV platform.

Our Solution


We kickstarted our journey with consultancy, aligning processes to ISO 20000 standards. This evolved into a full-fledged partnership: implementing processes, providing design support, and adopting the Scaled Agile Framework. Divitel now remotely manages and optimizes the platform from our Netherlands center. We handle 24/7 support for Quickline customers, manage tickets, and use automated tests for release checks. Our cloud approach streamlines data handling, and we recently spearheaded the launch of their Android TV STB.

Unleashing the Power of Data: The Divitel Algorithm Factory

In 2019, we took the reins of a new UHD Android TV STB, thanks to our signature data-driven magic, now known as the Divitel Algorithm Factory. Quickline gave us access to their data kingdom, letting us dive deep into their platform’s ecosystem. By channeling this data into a single reservoir (our data lake), we could see the big picture, ensuring a smooth launch for their Android TV STB. And guess what? We’re still using this magic touch, ensuring top-tier service quality every single day.


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The Divitel Difference: A Journey of Success with Quickline


Starting in 2016, from our Operations Hub in Apeldoorn, we’ve been Quickline’s remote right hand for their IPTV platform. Let’s dive into the standout achievements:

Increase customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities

After embracing our holistic, data-driven magic, NPS scores skyrocketed, reflecting a boost in Quality of Service. And guess what? With such thrilled customers, Quickline rolled out premium packages, treating their loyal fanbase to even more excellence.

Fast Time to Market

From a 3-year standstill to a roaring launch in under 9 months! Thanks to insights from handling various Divitel clients, we supercharge development cycles. The result? Users get their desired features pronto, all while keeping the platform rock-solid stable.

Speed and accuracy

With our all-encompassing, data-savvy strategy, we spot hiccups in a snap and zero in on the troublemakers. Not only does this streamline vendor coordination, but it also paves the way for quicker rollouts of fresh releases and features.

Successful deployments

Thanks to our data-centric strategy, Quickline can roll out new features with confidence. We gauge the impact of every tweak and addition before it goes live, guaranteeing spot-on performance once it’s out in the wild.

What Does Quickline Say About Divitel?

“We have chosen Divitel as our managed service partner because they have proved to possess the necessary resources and experience to guarantee smooth operation of our TV platform.”
Rudolf Bühler
Head of Services Operation

About Quickline

Quickline is one of the largest cable operators in Switzerland. As a full-service provider, the company services 23 independent cable network and energy companies via its fiber-optic backbone and offers consumers TV, telephony and Internet services directly. In the Swiss entertainment and communications space, Quickline is relatively young. Founded in the 90’s, the company has managed to rapidly propel to a position in the countries’ top three TV providers and fourth largest internet and telephone service provider.