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Adding new technology or changing a component within a video distribution platform can be quite a challenge:

  • The number of vendors and tools is growing at an alarming rate making the technology landscape becoming increasingly complex.
  • How do you know that the component that you choose will work as desired for your existing platform?
  • How do you keep time to market at a minimum?
  • And most importantly, how to ensure that you do not lock yourself in and become vendor dependent?

These are important questions that we can help answer for you when selecting video distribution technology.

We have a fresh look and are not busy with your daily operational hassle. We have knowledge of video delivery ecosystems and speak the language of vendors. In this way, we make the process easy and ensure that the technology fits your current and future needs.

What do we do?

Every RFP support project is different as we always customize our activities based on specific needs, but below is an example of a recent project for one of our important customers VOO:


Step 1

Determine business and product requirements

Step 2

Recommend vendors to include that best fit your needs

Write RFP documentation

Determine vendor rank criteria

Step 3

Manage Q&A follow up

Evaluate vendor responses

Step 4

Participate in vendor workshops and obtain product details

Analysis of results

Present results to management incl. vendor ranking results

Step 5

Evaluate vendor provided samples

Request and guide a POC and review according to requirements

Make recommendations

Why Divitel?

We are in total control. Always. Whether its during our projects or during our daily maintenance activities.

Our data-driven approach enables us to know with absolute certainty how the video distribution is performing or is going to perform (no more guesswork!) for any deployment or change.

Because of this, any technology recommendation we make, can be fact checked, ensuring it will have the desired effect. This guarantees 100% successful deployments and zero unpleasant surprises after go live.

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