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Transform your RFP into a walk in the park

As the tech terrain expands more rapidly than vines in the wild, selecting the ideal technology partner can seem more like solving a complex puzzle than a simple choice.
Let us be your guide, offering a refreshing clarity with our comprehensive grasp of the video delivery landscape.
We speak the language of vendors with ease, streamlining your selection journey.
With us, choosing network or TV technology is like a tranquil path in the park, assuring that your choice aligns seamlessly with your future direction.

What do we do?

Every RFP support project is different as we always customize our activities based on specific needs, but below is an example of a recent project for one of our important customers VOO:


Step 1

Determine business and product requirements

Step 2

Recommend vendors to include that best fit your needs

Write RFP documentation

Determine vendor rank criteria

Step 3

Manage Q&A follow up

Evaluate vendor responses

Step 4

Participate in vendor workshops and obtain product details

Analysis of results

Present results to management incl. vendor ranking results

Step 5

Evaluate vendor provided samples

Request and guide a POC and review according to requirements

Make recommendations

Why Divitel?

We ensure project success through three key strategies:

  1. Expertise: Leveraging over 25 years of experience, we navigate TV and network technology with unmatched skill, drawing from a vast history of deployments.
  2. Independence: Our technology independence means we recommend solutions that fit your needs, ensuring a perfect fit.
  3. Fact based: With a data-driven approach, we can measure interoperability , confidently predicting improvements in QoS and subscriber satisfaction.


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Chief Innovation Officer
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