Smooth Launch of Smart In-Home Wi-Fi

Happy consumers and lower costs through the fast deployment of Managed Mesh Wi-Fi 

The Challenge

Over the years, Go has invested heavily in the TrueFibre network, a fibre-powered infrastructure that offers broadband speeds up to 1Gbps. In Malta, they are the only operator offering fibre up to one’s living room. However, due to a number of factors like higher population density with multiple devices that interfere with each other or long squarish shaped house design, their customers were not experiencing the full capability of this state-of-the art network, the speeds reaching the homes not the same ones experienced on their devices.  

The challenge was multi-facetted:

1. Considering today’s increased need for people to work from home, Go recognized that for their customers, it is very important to have good connectivity everywhere in the home, on every device.

2. Just like many other operators, Go’s customer service, was receiving many telephone calls about bad in-home connectivity. Customer care experts were not able to solve the issues right away, which resulted in a higher number of truck rolls and customer care costs

The solution

In partnership with Divitel, GO was able to swiftly and successfully launch the latest in a line-up of innovative products – the ‘GO Smart Wi-Fi’, which guarantees top speed broadband in every corner of the home. 

Divitel supported Go every step of the way: 

1.  Divitel assisted in choosing the best technical solution for Go’s specific situation. 

2.  We helped build the business case for the recommended solution which was AirTies – a combination of hardware and software specifically developed for operators to optimize Wi-Fi OTT and IPTV video delivery: 

        • A market leading brand and a proven solution that significantly optimizes the Wi-Fi signal through a combination of mesh extenders. In this way, Go ensures good connectivity coverage, getting the most out of their fibre network and preventing Wi-Fi related customer calls at the same time. 
        • The solution does not require complex integration in their existing operations and ensures quick deployment. 
        • It allows GO to monitor the health of the Wi-Fi signal remotely and proactively address any issues that may be encountered with real-time, end-to-end visibility. This way, customer service can help customers who call accordingly, reducing the need for engineer and truck rollouts, increasing efficiency and reducing costs significantly.
        • Of course, the solution included a dedicated App for customers, allowing parental controls and a host of other user-friendly features. 

3.  Divitel also advised on the deployment strategyproviding several pilot sets delivered from our own stock, that in case of success could quickly be followed by larger orders.  

4.  We trained Go’s operational teams for implementation and use of the solution so they would be ready to go once the offering was launched. 

5.  This way, GO was able to ensure a superfast time to market, launching their new product within three months after the first pilot.

What does GO say about us?

"We are committed to offer the best customer experience on the island, from the decision to try, all the way through to installation, and Divitel has helped us get this done quickly and smoothly".
Antonio Ivankovic
Chief Commercial Officer

About GO

GO is Malta’s leading communications services company. As the first quad play provider in Malta, GO offers mobile, fixed, internet and TV services to more than 500,000 residential customers.