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Keeping subscribers happy is high on every Pay TV operator’s agenda. Their video platforms play a key role in that. They must perform excellently, and include the latest features and functions and deliver new innovations.


How to apply more changes when funds and engineering resources are scarce?

By applying our award-winning approach to video distribution, operators can monitor platform performance much more accurately, and reduce the number of viewing issues (incidents and problems) fast.

Even while the TV platform’s complexity keeps increasing (f.e. complexity caused by a growing subscriber base or increasing number of platform components).


Excellent results


By doing that, engineers are no longer spending most of their time fighting viewing issues. Which frees up labor capacity to implement more changes (adding new features, functionalities or other improvements), resulting in a significant increase of innovation power.

Have a look at the graph below for real-life results from our operating center.


increase stability, agility, and be in control


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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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